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9 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss


  1. Hey Guys sharing a healthy high protein breakfast recipe which can be enjoyed by the whole family.
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  2. Hai mam how r u # going to try jowar dosa nd very soon crossing 1M , # hard work counts mam # all the best , keep going

  3. Dosha😭😭😭😭 worst way to pronounce

  4. Mam jawar aata kaha milta hai hum to market se lete hain to milta hi nahi..sb bol dete hain ab kaun khata hai iski rotiyan

  5. Very nice and healthy recipe. Will surely try.

  6. yet another awesome recipe to try mam
    im your great follower

  7. Recipe is good… But iron tawa is very costly 9900 rs

  8. Mishtu Banerjee

    Can you please do a video on how to select mushrooms, how to clean, cut & store them, which portion should we use & which portion should be discarded, a detail video on mushrooms?

  9. Rama Chakkaravarthy

    Super very nice healthy breakfast recipe thanks for sharing this recipe

  10. Thank you dear, a new recipe like our masala dosa.

  11. navaneetha dasari

    Mam you have shown many batters for dosa and Idly…please show how can we make Idle and dosa batter with flour as well

  12. vaishali sharma

    Amazing.. 👍

  13. Super healthy

  14. Can you send some carb free breakfast lunch n dinner recipes

  15. varsha choudhary

    Please share kathal biryani recipe

  16. Hello Ms Nisa, am so very grateful for your channel and the huge variety of delicious weight loss recipes that you post. I am also grateful for the new ingredients that you have introduced me to as I have IBS and I have a bad reaction to gluten. I am very fortunate to live close to an Indian supermarket that stocks the wide variety of ingredients that you refer to in your videos. I went shopping today as I wanted to stock up on gluten-free flour to make my own rotis. I was delighted to find finger millet, so I am looking forward to making some of your recipes. I have also stocked up on idlis and I am currently looking for a good idli steamer so I can make my own idli batter and cook my own idlis from scratch. Thank very much for your time and your kindness in sharing your videos with us. God bless you xx

  17. roopsha bhowmick

    Looks so yummy 😍

  18. Swarna Prabha Maharana

    I am allergic to mushrooms

  19. Mam , it's humble request to you , plz do make some recipes on black beans .hope you will share it shortly. Thank you. Mowmita(Munu) from Kolkata…

  20. Plz give links to buy blender to grind this,plz suggest high speed bender,instead of grinder,

  21. Dominique's Kitchen

    Love the ideas for breakfast !! 👍👍

  22. I tried ur brown rice recipe.. but in shop they says red rice.. r they both same sister

  23. Wow.. good idea with mushroom.. pls sister.. suggest how to buy good healthy mushroom

  24. Great

  25. All your recipes are so good … waiting for you to hit 1M ✌️… Can u pls upload the below recipes 👇🏼which will be very helpful

    ⭐️red rice putting with veggies

    ⭐️egg bhurji

    ⭐️mix veg broken wheat pulao

    ⭐️boiled sprouts

    ⭐️red rice aval with veggies

    ⭐️mix veg red rice pulao ( red rice is matta rice , right ?)

    Atleast can u share the recipe thru email if video uploading is difficult …… Thank u soooo much…May God bless u in abundance 🙏🏼

  26. Anathakrishnan S

    The idea is just fab mam

  27. Legs of Octopus • Food & Lifestyle

    Millet is so tasty! 😊

  28. Nafissa Nessaba

    Hi nisha. What is casten pan please because my english is weak. Thanks a lot to answering

  29. Hi ma'am, I just wanted to know why you always use pink Himalayan salt instead of regular salt?

  30. jyothi adigoppula

    Nice recipe aunty

  31. sushmitha shankar

    Were to buy pure honey…

  32. 😍😍😍😍😍

  33. Prithal John Nelson

    Nice recipe 🙂

  34. Nice video mam

  35. Priyadarshni Ashish Singh

    Very lovely recepie

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