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  1. Aidan Tsukiyama

    Best Keto food. Good job on the Kalua pig. Very nice technique for not having an Imu. Aloha

  2. Great job! As we say in Hawaiʻi, "That looks ʻono (delicious)". Mahalo.

  3. BBQ For Beginners UK

    I grow Ti plants at home in UK 🤙🏼👍🏻

  4. The pronunciation of Alaea Salt is pronounced (a-lie), mahalo for the video. also found using parchment paper if you can not get the leaves works well, then wrap that in foil.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. It just dawned on me that maybe I could make this on the grill (since I can't dig a hole in the ground). Glad to see it works out well!

  6. huayuanxupingyi1

    >>>t.co/LTEiLTBnY9   Just what I was looking for great smoke flavor

  7. Bernadette Vasquez

    When i saw the gloves! I thought OJ was cooking!😂😂
    Love the show!

  8. Liquid smoke for city boys, and by no means traditional. Pass

  9. Poi, lomi salmon, pipi kaula, ahi poke and chili pepper water on the side please Thank you 🍴👍😁

  10. Awesome! Way to go! Great for parties! It's okay to get your TI LEAVES from the floral shop as long as you wash them first. Practically, all the fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides. Just make sure you wash them as well.
    Thank you for sharing your style of KALUA PIG! ALOHA!🌺🌺🌺

  11. Phil N Florence

    Nice change from traditional pulled pork in the states. Thanks

  12. DO NOT USE TI LEAVES FROM FLORAL SHOPS.  these are sprayed with pesticides to keep them looking good from bugs and fungus.  I got this from the florist supply warehouse.

  13. great video, making this next week. Would this work in a gas grill? or crock pot using the same ti leaf/banana leaf method?

  14. looks yummy……….

  15. Kailua pig and poi …. Broke da mouth…..

  16. BBQ For Beginners UK

    Love kalua pork! I have a couple of Ti plants I grew at home here in the U.K. From bulbs I picked up in Hawaii. Not sure I can get hold of banana leaves here though. Can't wait to give this a try! Thanks

  17. awesome video

  18. their on the side all over in the grownd if in Hawaii

  19. my opinion…that was too much liquid smoke for my taste. for that size that looks like 5 lbs, less than 2 tsp would be more than enough…careful, guys when adding hawaiian sea salt, it is saltier than regular table salt, so watch as to how much you rub into the pork butt ! here in Hawaii, we also tend to add shoyu (aka: what non-hawaii people call 'soy sauce') by putting a little on it and the rice (which goes hand in hand)…you don't need fried rice to eat with this…white rice is fine, believe me !

  20. Joey Betancourt

    Gonna try this for sure! Can you do this on a regular grill?

  21. Thanks for those helpful tips! Just curious, where did you get the top round grill grate with legs?

  22. I'm from Hawaii and the way you prepared this dish is incredible. That looks amazing, keep up the good work. Aloha!

  23. Yummilicious!!! I would like to see you make that "Swineapple"  one video I saw the guys bacon weave got too crispy  and he did not take those eyes out of the pineapple…

  24. WOW… Looks soooo good, Chris!!! Fantastic recipe and excellent cook my friend!

  25. Chris, that looks amazing man! Question: why does the "shiny" side of the Ti leaves go against the meat?

  26. KILLER! The wife gave me a recipe that's a bit different and also using pork belly. Hey man where did you get the Banana leaves and Ti leaves? I'm in RB.

  27. MikeTheBarber63

    Ballistic BBQ sent me here and I am glad! This looks great!

  28. That was a great way to do that, no shovels involved. Very cool, a lot of people will be trying this one.

  29. Some real tasty looking pork there Chris, the aroma had to be perfection.
    Great tip on looking to different sources when looking for those leaves.
    Which Cambro are you using there?

  30. looks good and tasty

  31. This turned out absolutely fantastic Chris!! Never had Kalua pork, but now I feel I MUST have it!! Excellent!

  32. 🔝🔝🔝

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