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Maple Mustard Salmon • Tasty


  1. I like how he said "real maple syrup" lol

  2. Bryochemical Intuition

    One of the oldest vids on YouTube😊

  3. My right ear has no idea how to make salmon.

  4. Simple and delicious. Thanks!

  5. Random question – what happens if you grill the salmon without closing the top?

  6. :42 pour the marinade over the salmon lmaaooo!!!

  7. Lol I just wanted to comment on the :42 pour the marinade over the salmon hit. Hilarious.

  8. My right ear feels neglected 🙁

  9. This was delicious made me feel like a real chef hahaha seriously it was bomb

  10. i want this in my belly

  11. I appreciate that. I will be doing more salmon videos in the future. Looks like Marine Harvest Canada is a top notch operation!

  12. Mowi Canada West

    Great job presenting. Nice work! And we like the smile so much that we featured your video on our main page.

  13. This was one of my first videos. Please be nice ha ha!!!

  14. The smile at the beginning gets me everytime haha

  15. simple easy. nice.

  16. Going to try it tonight. Looks yummy.

  17. I love your videos. You make cooking so easy and fun. Thank you!!!

  18. Hispanics… Americans… come on man lol

  19. imjustpassinthru

    It seems that Americans have to add sugar or cheese or marinade to all natural foods. I ate at a Chinese buffet recently that was located in a largely Hispanic area. The baked Salmon had a thick coating of cheese on top of it making it look and taste like an enchilada.

  20. looks good, but i perfer lemon pepper season on mine over a bed of steamed white rice.

  21. Thank you!

  22. now that looks tasty!

  23. @thunderkitten65 Hope you enjoy it!

  24. @MegaGangaking
    It is!

  25. @GaZaLoC1
    Sure! And thanks for the comment.

  26. So easy thanks for the tip chef

  27. @x3killacam3
    Thanks for the comment!

  28. Great video man. Thanks a lot.

  29. @Garnetredcoupe I'm so glad it worked well for you! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  30. @SuperMazorquero Thank you!

  31. @francocrs There are some tapeworm issues with raw salmon, so I like to avoid that. 🙂

  32. @electriengineer Sounds nice!

  33. Supermazorquero C

    Love salmon thanks !!! reality good

  34. @artz900 You're welcome!

  35. @MidnightSundowns Thanks!

  36. MidnightSundowns

    Annnnnnd….. Now I'm starving. Great video! 🙂

  37. yum that looks good

  38. @cHeLLieGurL6
    For a starch side, rice always pairs well with fish. A nice risotto would take it to the next level. To keep it simple and good without rice, I would serve my roasted potatoes as the side…

  39. @Nhordmyr
    Hello. You can use a grill spray or wipe down the grill with a towel that has been drizzled with olive oil.

  40. @DebbieHarryxxx You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoy the videos!

  41. @lurzax Thanks!

  42. YouTube Is The Worst DOOM Level

    I find flipping salmon difficult. You make it look easy. As usual.

  43. The shortest cooking video ever .. and its easy to make 🙂

  44. I always used foil. Now I scrape and use Pam Olive Oil and it's awesome. Thanks pal..

  45. @HugginCourt This is true with acidic marinades that include citrus or lemon. This is just soy sauce and maple syrup. It's fine.

  46. @linnylinh91 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  47. @MoviesTubeYou0675
    Thanks for the complement! Happy 4th to you!

  48. @anthonyrockwood

  49. MoviesTubeYou0675

    Wow! Excellent recipe! I will definitely do this come 4th of July 2011! Btw, still loving your breakfast casserole recipe!

  50. @spiderwithahumanhead
    I am glad you like it. Thanks for sharing your comment!

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