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  1. Oh my god the cameraman sucks.

  2. that taragon dressing was tomato hotsause and something mixed
    something meixed wht that ?

  3. 1:46. Music stops. “Sauce” Starts playing again.

  4. Idc if you’re vegan vegetarian pescatarian or whatever the fuck else if gordon ramsey cooks a steak for you, you eat it.

  5. Im hungry

  6. For the first stake recepie, what sauce did he add oyster?

  7. Fuckin delicious

  8. Now the bread… season it beautifully. now season the seasoning, and that seasoning too.

  9. Legendary

  10. Ek'Aay Cloudyoni

    Fish sauce, palm sugar, chili and garlic this sounds like a sros dish

  11. A dash of brandy 😂😂

  12. 3:15 gorilla

  13. i like $100meals too

  14. Me: Its so dilicious
    Ramzey: Its so FUCKING dilicious

  15. 3:25 whot??????

  16. Dave d'Video Maker

    Gordon Ramsay is a genius.

  17. Driganka Mandal

    miserlou – dick dale

  18. Seems the camera guy is having leprosy or something

  19. 1:53 Thank me later

  20. 1:53 Faking Delicius

  21. Lewis GoPro Adventures

    Fucking delicious

  22. literally no one:
    gordon ramsay: let the knife…do the work

  23. No seriously, can you fucking zoom in anymore? The cameraman is a fucking muppet

  24. ‘Fucking Delicious’

  25. MarlboroMan Auris

    Gordon R. :f@@k you vegans…

  26. "Oil", "Pepper", "In", "Beef", "Done"…it's like watching an Oxford dictionary cook.

  27. You know when the cameras aren't on him he still talks to himself like this whilst cooking.

  28. King Atlan of Atlantis

    Seeson with Olovol Solt and Peppah

  29. Are banana shallots available here in the states?

  30. The things I've seen his ass do in this are the exact same things I've seen him bitch about and say it looks like shit on Kitchen Nightmares.

  31. Sha-LOTS
    Wooster Sauce

  32. Harvey Sheering

    The acting on this advert is awful

  33. Don’t worry this recipe won’t take a lot of thyme.

  34. Top saucy steak steaksauce pastrami steak recipe

  35. Jesus, what I would give to try a Gordon Ramsay steak 🤤

  36. He seasoned every steak with salt and pepper before cooking but I did this and my wife said I ruined it. She must know better than Gordon.

  37. I know red meat isnt great for you but i feel bad for people who don't eat it

  38. demasiado Zoo de la camara

  39. the camera man or editor thought it’s a good idea to go zoom in something that’s constantly moving. i’m gonna get a seizure

  40. Fucking delicious

  41. 3:16 harambe just chilling in the back

  42. fucking delicious

  43. Remember to baste 39 times

  44. fucking delicious.
    -Gordon Ramsay

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