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  1. Hey dadi ji

  2. Ben senin yemek yapışına kurban olurum,ellerinden öperim

  3. What is the music called that starts at 5:08 ?????????

  4. Katerina Luna diCamella

    We need more ppl like you in this world, not Kardashians!!!!

  5. La Proxima panetela hazla de coco😛🧑👍

  6. Ladouali Soroya


  7. The end touched me 🙏 thank you for what you do for these beautiful children ♥Love and peace from France

  8. Someone is really guiding ypu in making all this. No lady from the past can make these things at this stage of her life in such desi countries.

  9. نبببض قلبببي

    يا يمة شكد احب اشوف فديواتج

  10. Amazing ❤️

  11. Its not good asmr with the music

  12. Es uns panetela de chocolaté yo la se hacer🧑👍👍👍😘 au
    Ayudaba a mi Tia hacerlas para vendér son ricos😁🧑👍👍😛

  13. My eyeballs 💦

  14. I want some explain of videos on this channel !
    Why she is cooking!
    Who is she!

  15. KissSilber DragonFlame

    Reklam da yapıyorsunuz oh ne güzel!
    Türkler like atsın!

  16. Granny and grandpa should have a channel togther

  17. Kheira Boubaiou

    C'EST magnifique se que vous faites,God,bless you

  18. I'm the T of Tea

    Hello granny.. you're so kind hearted. I really hope i will je able to be like you in the future.
    Have a nice life, you deserve it. ❤

  19. Min 6.25 little baby, it makes me cry 😥

  20. Que hermosa abuelita pero yo creo que Los que estan detras de estos videos estan ganando mucho dinero y que alos niños que ayudan son los hijos de los que trabajan en sus sembradios. Deberian tambien hacer videos de limpiar toda esa basura y con todo el dinero que ganan comprarles ropa y zapatos si enverdad quieren ayudar.

  21. Qui est cette femme qui cuisine avec amour pour les enfants nécessiteux? Elle n'a pas l'air plus riche qu'eux mais elle donne de son temps pour les plus démunis.
    Quel grand coeur. . . 😍

  22. nothing is happier than this.
    helping poor always feel blessed 🥰

  23. I love watching this woman she cooks with love and care

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