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  1. Great Channel Thanks for Sharing

  2. I like Goat Cheese. I like Pork Rinds. I'm on a Ketogenic Diet.
    These were Horrible !!
    For a small Batch, Huge mess to clean up. Goat Cheese has a low melting point so if your going to try these, and I really would Not Recommend Them or at least Not This Recipe, Freeze your Goat Cheese first and keep your knife clean. But You Were Warned.

  3. After the eggs what did you use to dip the cheese in?


    Rao’s is pronounced Ray O’s!

  5. mayumi ป้าอู๊ด Fukuyama

    Nice video thanks 🙏😋🌿🎶💗🇯🇵🌺🌺🌺🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵👌😍🍙

  6. Lots of parsley! So good for your liver and digestion if fats. Lots of vitamins too.

  7. Creating Kendall

    How do you decide when to use coconut flour vs almond flour?

  8. Rebecca Stockwell

    Looks amazing. We are not goats cheese people but I'd imagine slices of buffalo mozzarella would work too. Oooo, this slice, then a couple of sliced of pepperoni or salami of even bacon cut to size another thinish slice of cheese on top then toothpick to keep it together, coat it and fry!

  9. Hi there. Whppat cpan i sub for pork rinds? I don't eat pork.

  10. Poulomi Chatterjee

    Hello Keto Connect, can you suggest a vegetarian alternative for pork rinds?

  11. you can add some honey on top of those and then… you would eat the whole package 🙂

  12. ducking love u!!!!!! Keto has been so great since finding u guys! Tanks a billion from 🇨🇦

  13. What oil do you use for frying?

  14. Some italian restaurants put fried goat cheese rounds on top of salads like a crouton replacement. Bomb af.

  15. Awesome! Just a couple cents of advice, try frying with avocado oil instead of coconut oil..avocado oil is better for frying and doesn't burn as quickly as coconut oil when frying at high heat. ✌🏽️♥️

  16. Love to watch you two.. great recipes… you could use dental floss to cut the cheese easier!

  17. Oooh nice gonna try to use this to make some chicken parm

  18. I tried this recipe and it was very yummy. Although i didn’t like the pork rinds on it. Maybe i used the wrong kind, but it was overpowering and was pretty chewy. I’ll try a different brand. But can someone offer a substitute for the pork rinds?

    BTW: congrats on your engagement!! I know I’m super late, but you guys are awesome and deserve all the happiness in the world. I’m so happy for you two 😊😊

  19. omg you just lost me on the pig rinds ….yuck i dont touch pork

  20. wet your fingers first will help

  21. Looks like she’s in a super luxurious home. Perhaps a wife of a wealthy sumbitch. Gotta have sumfin to do

  22. Eyes are super white. Awesome

  23. Cassandra Boozer

    Hi!! Thanks for all your great recipes. Just wondering, have you guys made any fried fish recipes? I was thinking of using this recipe but adding Old Bay season to the almond flour but wanted to get your thoughts. Thanks again!

  24. Please don't drop in the cheese rounds. You could cause a splash and that could get on your hands. Putting your hands near the oil is never a good idea. Try using a spider strainer/spider sieve

  25. Don't use a metal thermometer in a non stick pot. The metal scratches at the pot's coating. This shortens the life span of the pot and also could get harmful substances into your food

  26. Use the dry and wet hand method when coating your cheese

  27. Dried parsley sucks. Use fresh herbs

  28. You don't beat your eggs fully. There are still patches of white.

  29. I made this goat cheese snack and it was delicious, thanks you

  30. Do you feed your dog keto food as well? Any recipes for cats or dogs as well?

  31. What can substitute for the pork grinds? Thanks alot. Love your stuff

  32. Oh Yum! You're killin' me!

  33. Indeed going to try this – Thanks. I'll probably cut the goat cheese twice as thin and drop some sliced Jalapeno's between two slices before pressing them together. A keto version of Jalapeno Poppers. 🙂

  34. OMG! I'm hungry…does frying food challenge us on our crusade :

  35. Elizabeth Howard

    Oh my! Looks dee lich

  36. Might have been mentioned, but instead of a knife to cut the cheese, use fishing line or floss, it will cut it without dragging the rest of the cheese, and mis-shaping the circles. works with a lot of different soft foods, cheese cake in particular.

  37. guys you can use cheese crisps as a substitite for pork rinds

  38. I love you guy's.. Recipes sooo good. Thx..

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