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  1. Sweet Simple Vegan

    Hi everyone 🙂 For next month's collaboration video, we need your help!

    Leave a comment of an ingredient suggestion *as a reply to this post* for our Vegan Chopped Challenge next month. Please up-vote the ones that you want us to use and the 2-3 comments with the most amount of up-votes win!

  2. If I leave out black salt what will the tofu taste of? Im not a fan of the flavour of eggs.

  3. I was looking on on YouTube because I'm making breakfast wraps with vegan bacon, hash browns, vegan sausage, and mushroom. Yours feel more like a lunch burrito or wrap

  4. I just subscribed to your channel. Can you do a vegan breakfast burrito with zucchini, peppers, firm tofu, and potatoes, and onions, and mushrooms please!

  5. YUM!!!! I will be making this vegan breakfast burritos. I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the spice seasoning you put into the vegan burritos.

  6. I wanna try this with a coconut wrap!! (Very low carb)

  7. Breakfast burritos are the best.

  8. Zero dislikes!❤️❤️❤️

  9. I have to be soy free. So am gonna sub sliced quinoa-based polenta or regular polenta vs tofu. And Portobello mushrooms would work! Jackfruit, too!

  10. This is a serious question why don’t you guys have more subscribers? Because I do hear your guy’s name gets mentioned in every other vegan youtuber’s channel a lot of them have a lot more subscribers than you guys? Since so many channels are inspired by you guys why aren’t you guys the most subscribed channel?

  11. Zucchini

  12. Fruity Vegan Vibes

    Great video you guys 💜💜 we are so trying this- my husband loves burritos 🙌🙌 the ingredient I would choose would be mushrooms 🍄💗

  13. greens powder

  14. tomatoes!!

  15. Mercedes Umphenour

    Can of veggie all!

  16. Danielle Leon Guerrero

    Hemp milk!

  17. loveeee on the go meals like this! always looking for things i can make for lunch to bring to work. <3

  18. can you do some jackfruit recipes

  19. Sauerkraut 🙂

  20. Could you use rutabaga?

  21. my friend told me you shouted me out on instagram!! <3 #SSVFAMforreal

  22. Azuki beans!

  23. Priscilla healthy life

    Not a ingredient but it should be a air-fry recipe. Just because it’s amazing and there is not enough recipes on it.

  24. Looks amazing , looking forward to making the burrito. You two are awesome.

  25. Mega yum! Now I have zero excuse to keep buying frozen burritos! Would love to see more freezer friendly recipes. Also LOVE this series & so glad it’s a regular thing between my fave youtubers! 😘

  26. Sweetened condensed coconut milk 🤩

  27. Water Chestnuts!!

  28. Both recipes look fantastic. I know what I will be eating in May!!!!

  29. beetroots

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