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  1. very nice, thank you. I guess you don't like crispy skin ? Yummy.

  2. I've been making your recipe for pan seared salmon with tarragon aioli for a few years. Always, always awesome! Thanks!

  3. Wood Fishes! Nice one, chef John!

  4. dude… the fish is dead…

  5. Wild Salmon: One Of My Favs…my Weber Grill is getting excited!

  6. Absolutely spot on, marvelous! Thank you! JQ

  7. Buddy my iMovie (:

  8. Great idea. Thanks for the video !

  9. blue text on white background

    I'm pretty sure he said his wife wrote and recorded it for the show.

  10. The piano music in Chef John's videos sounds like something you heard in Everybody loves Raymond.

  11. @wildreams use a non stick pan with a little bit of oil that should get it nice and crispy.

  12. i personaly would havve left the skin on cuz it protects the fish 🙂

  13. this looks great WOW nice i have to try this

  14. @wildreams Yes i think that is exactly what he means. If you notice the side of the fish that silver in color, you can see some of the meat past it.

  15. When you said what "was" the skin side, does that mean you removed the skin prior to cooking? That is important because my skin always stick to the pan! And if I put floor to the skin, it will turn black! Sorry I just need some tip to make sure I don't over cook the skin part:(

  16. How I love your voice

  17. unknownchronicles

    My mouth is watering, I blame you for this 😐

  18. mmm salmon and rice..

  19. @STONER1350 ???

  20. can you do a tilipia?

  21. jesus christ, that looks awesome.


  23. chrisiztheman1618

    As gordon ramsey would say,…

    Fucking delicious.

  24. Hewhosmokeswomen


    put some kind of fat or oil in the pan and bake/cook it into it. theres tons of videos on youtube.

  25. Hewhosmokeswomen


    go to south texas dawg.

  26. Hewhosmokeswomen

    how could i have missed this episode???

  27. how do you season cast iron? have been wondering that in the back of my mind for a long time… just never really remembered to ask anyone

  28. salmon is my favourite fish. In fact when my mother buys any other type of fish I just don't eat it.

  29. @CaptEm1 You're an idiot.

  30. @Animetalchick Yep this guy is good, it's refreshing to see an American cook like this. They usually drown their food in fat, sugar and salt after frying it for 30 min. And of course vegetables is a huge no no.

  31. What's wrong with two-week major salmon-stink in the kitchen? Gives a place character…

  32. @xNinjaKingx
    you probably had it from a really good restaurant. most restaurants tend to burn the shit out of their well done steak and make it into Gandhi's flip-flops.

  33. Omg delicious

  34. @xNinjaKingx
    even gordon ramsay said it himself. when you eat well done steak, you cook it so far past the point where you can distinguish between any flavor or any cut of beef. its not steak anymore. its burnt shoes.

  35. @Stillalive1991 At 1:57 he says he "served it real simply with a little fresh tarragon aioli.." 🙂
    Here's his own recipe for that: youtube.com/watch?v=oxoq5DvM0a8

  36. chef john…..marry me

  37. what is that little sauce over the salmon at the end?

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