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  1. Wow I have never seen salmon being marinated that much. I have always thought salmon is nicer the less you put in it. But I will definitely try it.

  2. Amir and your dad wresting the racoon is the comdey skit i didnt know i needed loool

  3. ur dad is so cool

  4. your brother and dad tryna get rid of the raccoon got me DEEEADD LMFAOOJSF

  5. omg the figure off you is so cute lol but wildly accurate, love you girl ramadan kareem

  6. Leave that raccoon alone .. his summer body wasn’t ready yet 🤣🤣🤣LOL he refused to leave 🤣

  7. Gorgeous family all around. Handsome dad, brother and husband and beautiful mom! ❤
    I smiled so big when you showed your hubby. You guys are the cutest! 😍😍 "Just take that out…"😂🤣

  8. Lujayn Abdirahman

    Ayeeeee I’m fasting to ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Salaam Ayesha where do you purchase your hijabs I love the jersey they drape very nicely.

  10. I love your channel. I have been subscribed since the beginning. Beautiful family ❤️

  11. Your dad is so precious, may Allah give him a long healthy life 🙁

  12. Hamila Abdalla

    Ramadan Kareem I love your video 😍😘🥰

  13. namazzi ismail

    Aww ur mum looks like shez going to miss u

  14. mudane ilma cune

    You and Shahd Batal are my favorite Youtuber♥️💯

  15. Brittanee Smart

    😂😂😂 you really never do “edit that out” it’s so perfect now that you guys mentioned it

  16. Story Time with Leilani

    You and your dad has the same hands nails

  17. Ramadan beautiful by runty Rukia Ahmed farah from Kenya.call me on 254722767745

  18. a salaam aleykum yarehemtula yabarakatula HEY FAM! Welcome back to DAY 2 of The Ramadan Daily! In today's video I share my day with the fam and also a tasty maple-glazed Salmon r

  19. so cute you and your husband

  20. That manulife model is spot on! Wow 😲. Good video! Thanks for sharing 🌸

  21. Macha Allah Ramadan Mubarak ❤️

  22. Your dad is a real star of your vlogs!

  23. Little Diy Corner

    I was like this vlog doest have "cut that out" 😂😂😂😂 but then boom , keep the vlogs coming😍😍😍

  24. Abdullah mohamed

    I would be on table watching as everything unfolds lol

  25. Masha alaah sister you have beautiful family masha alaah xafidulah all family

  26. Angela Alexander

    My southern Georgia grandma looovveesss raccoons…in the oven 😂😂😂😂. They're so freaking cute

  27. The raccoon clip was hilarious😂😂😂😂. Going to miss the family in the video's. The food looked delicious. Hubby's like and subscribe message was cute lol

  28. I know its been said before, but its SO hilarious when hubby tells you to cut things out nd you don't lol. Also I love when your dad does the cheek thing when food is delicious. He's so cute. Gonna miss him 🙁

  29. Walahi Aysha, you are going to miss your family when you finally move to LA…talking from experience. The raccoon 🦝 clip was hilarious 😂 😂

  30. Your family is so cute mashallah

  31. Do u go to the gym while fasting? Like I do it and I'm kinda dying cause I train for 3 hours 😩

  32. Hauwa Adeshina

    I loveee your vlogs. ❤️❤️

  33. Salaams great vlog Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family 💕💚💕

  34. Awnnnn the « I love you » at the end of the video ❤️. Y’All so cute, Allahuma Barik 💗

  35. Sissss…love your vlogs but I’m noticing you eat with your left😭😭😭 maybe I’m wrong….??

  36. Be careful adding various spices at one time for your meals because they have energy that may cause unspeakable havoc on one's organs nervous system.


  38. Your family is beautiful! I am not Muslim but I truly appreciate you giving us a glimpse into your culture! I actually discovered you last year through Ramadan Daily and have loved every video since! Happy Ramadan to your family and to anyone reading this who also celebrates!

  39. Great, great vlog! Excellent content ~ your brother sliding down the sofa 😂

  40. Maasha'Allaah beautiful family! <3.

  41. Stephanie -Albertapeachbeauty

    You and your hubby are awesome!! So glad I found your channel!

  42. Where are your hijabs from

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