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  1. Cheap Lazy Vegan

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  2. Briana Petersen

    Based on your calories, you should have only gained about 2 and a half pounds of fat, the rest would have definitely been water retention. The food looked delicious.

  3. Well a cheat day to me is what I wouldn't normally eat on a regular basis. So to me It's both a cheat and a treat day. It is what it is.

  4. The thumbnail is a work of art! Hee hee! Thumbs up!!

  5. Great to see you back! It always amazes me how much you eat, I thought I ate a lot!

  6. Totally team savoury. Very appreciative that I can't relate to the struggle of cutting down sugar …

  7. I feel bad for you because of the poop you're going to have to poop.

  8. You made me laugh, so thumb's up for sure. I would feel disgusted with myself, too, if I ate that much in a day. 🙂

  9. Lucy BrandNameJunkie

    Rose! What a champ lol. That samyang ramen is only good when you cook it like 3 mins and take it off the stovetop when it still looks a little hard. It's good that way. My fave also is the nongshim veggie one. Have you tried the Gusta brand vegan Shwarma??? It looks like a fat sausage and you just cut some random slices and put it in your ramen it is SO good!!! Try it, especially if you only eat one ramen then add some rice with it. To be honest I'm surprised you even weigh 130! You look TINY!! Mind you I don't remember when I weighed that little lol. Oh and the Paldo jajangmyun package with the chef and his hat on the top corner is the BEST vegan jajangmyun. Try it!

  10. MediocreHaddie

    Oh noo!! That ice-cream looks absolutely incredible! All the vegan ice-cream available to me is sugary ice water. :/
    Also, how in the world were you able to stomach all that food? 😂😂 I would feel so ill

  11. It’s like you went into my brain and ate everything I would eat if I went nuts for a day with vegan junk food 🍔🥤🍜🥓

  12. I’m watching this whilst fasting. It’s absolutely worth it! I want your second ebook nooowwww!!! 😩😩😩😭😭😭😭

  13. You look so beautiful. 😍😍 The dress makes you look like a cuddly O.G! 😙😚 All my love from Alberta Canada! 😘

  14. Rowena Anderson

    Seeing you eat those snacks and the calories on the screen encourages me to not eat a meal of snacks LOL

    I do not envy your energy levels on that day. You did well going to the gym.

  15. April Campbell

    I expected you to say you spent a lot of time that day on the toilet. hmmm maybe that's just how I think.

  16. mrs.hipsters life

    We have you favorite vegan ramen noodles on Germany now and damn they are so good

  17. Thank you for this video! It was very interesting to watch and see the impressive numbers! #TeamSavory

  18. Team savory!! But I totally want to try that chocolate bar!

  19. those black bean noodles look AMAZING!! I’m gonna have to find where I can buy those. 😋

  20. Ashley Calavinister

    “I’m dying”…. now that’s the result of a good cheat day LOLOL

  21. What was the sodium intake total from all you ate today??? I think that would be shocking. Your poor body 🙁 it's probably screaming for something unprocessed!

  22. Ashlin Michelle

    Please do a hair dying video!!!!!!!!

  23. What an amazing cheat day! Love how you didn’t eat like those food competitors and go overboard with stuffing your face. Honestly, I find that the more balanced I eat throughout the day, the less I overeat of them. The vegan chocolate chip muffin, Gardein chicken, steamed dumplings, and Coconut Bliss ice cream dark chocolate stick looked absolutely delicious—I LOVE the mandarin chicken too! For any treat day or “cheat day” if you will call it that, I’d enjoy all the peanut butter, vegan carrot cake, granola, and chocolate green smoothies in the world. But treat yourself in reasonable portions more frequently to not feel sick! 😋🤘😜

  24. Your expressions in the thumbnail

  25. HiLovefor3 Vegan

    Lol 😊 I do this once in awhile.

  26. Not judging but what was the point?

  27. Looks like me these past few days! My appetite will not gooooo awaaaaaay! Thank you for doing this experiment- I have been obsessing over my weight these past few months and although I know it fluctuates a lot, it is still nice to be reassured this happens to everyone lol

  28. #TeamSavoury all the way! Instant noodles are also my fave "junk" food. I finally got to try your fave veggie Soon kind. OMG so good!

  29. Addison Wonderland

    Watched this eating a big ass salad for lunch and now I kinda feel very yolo about dinner. lmaooooo Might just satisfy my craving with a good ol almond milk frap. lol

  30. vegan portugese

    I wish i was cute as you.You are so adorable

  31. Oh god, I'm a ca. 170pound guy, I feel I would have died eating half that… happy death though…

  32. Celina Bond - Dating Coach

    i think the most annoying part of this video for me would be counting calories…i never count them and that a math with the ketchup chips would stress me out lol

  33. No alcohol?? Lol. Enjoyed the video. You are too funny 🙂

  34. Now I’m hungry !!!

  35. Vegan Living 24/7

    I like both savoury and sweet… I like salty chips and Mr Noodles and dumplings, veggie tenders…. BUT I love having a sweet shake for breakfast, love chocolate etc.

    So I guess I love the best of both worlds!

  36. Some times you just need to indulge! Don't be too hard on your self. Some times days like these make you realize how great you feel when you eat heathy!

  37. This was super super interesting lol

  38. I am impressed! Love the video lol

  39. I think that weighing yourself for this video is really triggering and it's totally useless. Otherwise the video was fun and the food looked delicious.

  40. 13.17 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm dying. This was soo much fun 💖

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