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  1. thatSubtleVegan

    More vlogs!! 🙂

  2. The Fifth World

    LightbodyFocusProbs 😂🤩💎💎💕

  3. Celina Bond - Dating Coach

    that dinner idea is genius! could you do the same with the taco lunch too?

  4. I always love watching you cook—the vegetable sushi rice and tacos looked fantastic! 😍❤️

  5. that Sushi casserole is such a great idea………..I love it! going to try it with some tofu as you suggested

  6. I'm always afraid of what I'll find in my greens! "Triple washed" my ass!

  7. That sushi casserole is genius!!

  8. The Discount Vegan

    That sushi casserole looks so BOMB!

  9. mystic moon bean


  10. Jennifer Knowles

    I use the Soju Intestinal Wellness shots all the time and the Energy shots occasionally.

  11. yes I have been loving the vlogs! keep it up!

  12. Natalie Ciarricco

    wow i am totally digging the idea of the “sushi casserole” so cute and so simple!!

  13. “maybe I just sprained my ankle on purpose” hahahahah

  14. i love the vlogs!!!

  15. Can u share that greens powder that tastes like lemonade please?? Cause always looking for one that tastes good since I'm very sensitive !! Thank u
    Love taco "meat" but I keep it simple with just some tamari, onion and garlic powder and it's amazing tastes exactly like the real thing, even mama who isn't vegan loves it!!
    OMG that sushi casserole is such a great idea and looked amazing definitely gonna try it!! Also wanted to say that I can feel ur pure hearts and humbleness(if that's a word) lol through the videos, thank u for being real with us..💕💕 God bless u both with nothing but a lifetime of happiness..🙏🏻🙏🏻

  16. great video guys 🙂 Love the tacos. Never tried walnuts and mushrooms before as a meat sub, so super keen to try them out 🙂 Also the sushi casserole is a great idea as I'm so lazy I got no time for rolling them haha so this would be perfect!

  17. I LOVE watching your vlogs!

  18. Excellent video and recipes. I am going to be growing my own food because I have been offered an allotment from my local authority and have decided to take it. That's going to be fun and the food will be fresher because I will be growing it organic.

  19. omg how is smile direct? do you like it?

  20. All the nori I buy is SO fishy smelling it always turns me off! It never smells like that at sushi places… what’s ur favorite brand?! Xoxo

  21. Theses recipes are AWESOME!! Simple to make….ingredients not super expensive or hard to find…. and super nutritious! These are perfect for weeknight easy recipes. I would make a spicy mayo sauce to drizzle over the suchi casserole with fried onions!
    Please keep these kind of amazing recipes coming!!!

  22. Alexandra Vicuna-Perry

    I love 💕 your vlogs and the food was so on point, even for me a raw vegan 🌱 thank you for the ideas 💚💚💚💚

  23. Honestly I wish I had a video like his every single day. I am vegan and follow an anti-inflammation diet. I'm allergic to Gluten & soy; I also avoid oil, sugar and processed food. I have struggled with lots of health issues + an eating disorder. You both have truly changed my life, and I wouldn't be where I am in my health journey without you. I love this 30 til 30 challenge. I actually started the 30 Days of Yoga by Adrienne challenge, and after this I plan on doing the workout you guys do and taking some dance classes( which is huge for my social anxiety). But you both have really changed my life and I dont know where I would be without you. My dream is to be a vegan blogged (veganlandchronicles). I just love you both so much and seriously, thank you for everything. Love you!

  24. hey jasmine is that an all ceramic pot that you cook with and where did you get that? and chris you need a haircut/ touch up

  25. Watching you make that smoothie was an art in itself haha

  26. Isabelle Lavigne

    Two excellents recipes to try on the same video 😍 thank you

  27. OMG, what a genius idea with sushi casserole. i love sushi, but hate to make them, this is such a great time and effort saver. defeinitely doing them if not tonight but soonish

  28. I like these blogs!

  29. Must be hard staying on a healthy diet when companies are throwing all kinds of free stuff at ya.

  30. I like some frozen things in my smoothies. Peel your ripe bananas and put them in the freezer for smoothies.!

  31. Taco recipe at 8:08 not 6:47.

  32. My favorite part of sushi is making the rolls and multiple sauces 😂…. That looks so easy though! How do you do leftovers?

  33. Omg i would kill that sushi casserole in no time!! Thanks for sharing that!!!

  34. You should try Hoka One shoes!! They are soooo good for running!! Definitely has helped my post sprained ankle.. my husband had a broken ankle, and injured knee and he loves his Hokas! So comfortable highly highly recommend!

  35. Love the vlogs!

  36. It's like you all read my mind, I was planning on making tacos tonight! Using your recipe now!

  37. Veggie Lovin Accountant

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen you guys do this sushi casserole idea. That would actually work great for me as a lunch idea. Keep the wraps separate then just spoon the stuff inside when ready to eat! Thanks for the tip!

  38. I tried almost the exact same recipe for taco "meat" and it was a let-down, so I'm thinking I should try again but without the cauliflower rice (without that is the exact same recipe).

  39. The Vegan Hippie

    You two are so cute together. What a great way to have sushi!!!

  40. Janette Lovell Ramos

    Just keep doing video I love them.. I have question what is nutritional yeast? The reason I ask is because I am trying to eat healthier I am no longer eating meat because I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage two I am in remission and I love your videos thank you so much it really does help much love to both of y’all💚💚💚💚💚💚

  41. First off, Loving the vlogs. And i've never heard of or even thought to make a sushi casserole but now I am craving one.Lol Great Video as always!!

  42. I looove what I eat in a days! 💕

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