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  1. I just realized the inside of blueberries aren't blue omg, my life is a lie

  2. My pancakes were a fail!!! lmfao

  3. Very pretty but not much flavor

  4. I am soooooo going to make these. I’ve watched you on Instagram but I came on to subscribe today. You make my kind of meals. Also, your accent is extra sexy.

  5. Allison Lattanze

    I made these this morning and they were good. Next time I am going to process the pomegranate seeds first and strain out the seeds, because I didn't like them in the pancakes. I used some strawberries for color and I also added an egg for protein since I'm not vegan.

  6. Omg…. These look SO GOOD….. Can't wait to try them.

  7. Yes! Can't wait for the tamales !!

  8. Neta, de donde te sale tanta imaginación, Neto? Super creativa idea para que mi hija coma saludable y con color 💕💕💕💕mil gracias!

  9. wow wow wow wow


  11. They look amazing! 😍

  12. Is this the vitamix blender?

  13. What blender is that? And I'm also in search of a good frying pan, what brand's do you use? Thanks!
    I just got pomegranates in bulk, can't wait to make these pancakes!

  14. Berenice Espinoza

    Omg mañana desayuno pancakes y esperare ansiosa la receta se los tamales 😸 jeje thank you so much for making my plant based eating easier

  15. Tamales??!!! Yessss 😍😍

  16. yesss!!! more vegan breakfast recipes please!!

  17. Thanks for the recipe

  18. So beautiful looking!

  19. Laughing Shaman

    who cuts blueberries in half? hahahahaha

  20. Coming from an armenian background, the first thing i thought seeing this was "damn, this would look/taste great with pistachios."

  21. Omg so pretty and pink 💕💕never seen anyone make pink pancakes.nice job keep the videos coming💕💕

  22. I made these without the banana and used vinegar and baking powder instead. It was awesome!!!! Your recipes are the best!

  23. Sinthia Victoria

    Can’t wait the tamales video! I love this channel!

  24. I really love they way you edit and are short and on the point…yet not too short 😀 (I mean in your videos 😉 ♥ ) and your foods and meals are truly unique, they have your own twist on them, yet simple ..; your kindness and love are just the loveliest bonus 😉 ♥ ………………..so yea, I love you too !!


  26. Beet juice could give it the colour as well.

  27. Armando Armando

    Looks so good have to make it ….are you a chef ?…..you should open your own restaurant it would be so good!!!

  28. Awesome!! It's such a coincidence because I just bought some pomegranates too!! Thanks you're the best as always 😊

  29. <3 my son would love this!

  30. Looks delicious!!

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