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  1. Thanks for the video! Looks brilliant! Just subscribed!

  2. Making My Home Happy

    Lisa always coming through with the budget friendly deliciousness ❤

  3. Love your videos!! I really like the sushi bowl. I found some pre packaged rice that claims to be sushi rice and I've been trying to figure out how to use it. I will try your sushi bowl. 🍚

  4. Those are pretty much my 3 favourite meals! YUM!

  5. Fair-Is-Foul& Foul-is-Fair

    Thanks, you will have a lot more subscribers. Do you have the recipes in writing? I'm recommending your site. Is there a substitute to faux bacon? Thanks again.

  6. You did great ….yahhhh

  7. If I go to Vietnam are there any foods that I can order and be sure that they are vegan?

  8. Omg looks so good!!! I can't wait to see the next videos!! Will for sure try these next week!!

  9. Yuuuum this looks super yummy! I love you! You're amazing and I'm so proud of you 😊😊😊


  11. Yay!!! Lisa!! Those look so delish! Definitely making those noodles next week! Love the VietVegan ❤️

  12. Be sure to subscribe to the TVA channel because I have more videos coming up!! Also come check out the videos on my channel because I have tons more vegan recipes and vegan content 😉

  13. We should use only Vegan Water : )

  14. WildRoseCountryGirl

    She is my favourite Vegan You-tuber! So friendly and personable.

  15. West Coast Melting Pot

    I love The Viet Vegan, the food looks amazing 💕

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