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  1. Madeleine Olivia

    Someone has kindly pointed out I messed up the risotto recipe by adding the rice bit by bit as well as the stock! This is what happens when you're overworked haha (guess it shows we all make mistakes!) Please follow the recipe instructions on my website rather than the video!

  2. Not just for students! I’m 28 years old and have been out of school for ages, but I work at a non-profit animal shelter making a very low salary. Budget meals are the best!

  3. Wow you’re so talented, I always try to follow your recipes! 🙌🏻

  4. MyImaginationsUK

    Love your cooking video. Would love to see more meals with 1-2 portions of protein in them as protein is what I struggle with the most. Especially getting enough lysine in my diet

  5. That burger looks really cheap to make and healthy…definitely going to give it a go x

  6. You need to start a video series: best charity shop find of the season. People share photos of their charity shop clothes finds with you via social media, then you create a video show casing them, and the winning find wins some merch.

  7. Most of the recipes are very low in protein.

  8. Deborah da silva araujo

    I missed your recipe video so much !!! Love from Paris 😘

  9. No thanks, it's full of carbs

  10. how do you keep coriander (plant) fresh? i love coriander, its one of my must have at home but i always have problem to keep it fresh. it will always get wilt so fast so i had to chop it all off then put it in ice tray, fill them with water and freeze them but that way, i only get to use them for cooking, not as garnish like yours :-/

  11. Shannon Leslie Broussard

    I needed this roasted aubergine curry recipe last weekend!! I made one, but didn't roast them and it was good but man I bet roasting them is so much better!

  12. Guys , the order of putting things in a burger matters. It affects the taste. Please. I was trained by a chef on this. Trust me.

    So unless you like soggy ketchup-drenched lettuce:

    1. Bottom bun
    2. Your creamy sauce (mayo,mustard,chipotle etc.)
    3. Lettuce
    4. Pickles (optional)
    5. Patty
    6. Cheese (optional)
    7. Bacon/Egg (optional)
    8. Tomato
    9. Onion/cucumber/jalepeno/sauerkraut/avacado (optional)
    10. Ketchup SPREAD ON your top bun. DON'T squirt it onto your goddamn burger.

    Now go eat a damn good burger. 😤

  13. I make similar pancakes – instead of milk I add water and they are delicious. 👌💃

  14. I really need to get on the vegan burger train! Those looked so good

  15. I LOVE your new hair, it really suits you xx

  16. janet greenhough

    All these recipes look absolutely lush …. Thank you. Since we are talking budget though as far as the leek and potato soup is concerned …. chop the veggies smaller and they will cook quicker and save fuel. And to save even more fuel bring veggies to the boil …. boil for a few minutes then pop a lid on top … turn off the heat and let them continue to cook from the heat in the pan … it might take a little longer to cook but you can save loads of fuel this way . Just give it a quick blast of heat before serving if your concerned it may have lost the ideal temperature.

  17. Wow, these recipes are so nice! Got those pancakes and the soup in my to do list 😃 Thank you for making these enjoyable and fun videos! Keep it up 😊

  18. Definitely trying the pancakes ! 🥞 Love your recipe's XXX

  19. Those pancakes, in particular, look delish! but it all looks amazing.

  20. Your recipes are the best 💞

  21. You need an Instant Pot in your life 😘 Risotto done in 8 mins (no stirring) Soups done in 5 mins 👍🏻

  22. so pleasing! beautifully filmed and edited

  23. the aesthetics and music of this video are on point, I love it!!

  24. I really really love your cookbook!!!! Can see you have put in a lot of love in creating it, thank you!! 🙂

  25. Just made the burgers, aubergine and rice recipes = yum! yum! Thank you for sharing these with us.

  26. Curry looks soooo good! As do the rest!

  27. Hey! I really like the video. I am not vegan myself, not even vegetarian, but I like to incorporate more plant-based meals in my diet. My only suggestion, perhaps for future videos – I exercise and want to build more muscle, so some vegan protein meals, please? Thanks!

  28. This video made me hungry. Time for a good steak 🙂

  29. what oil did you cook the pancakes on?

  30. There is a little typo in your Leek & Potato soup recipe "Enjoy your soap"! Btw I love your recipes, I am a vegetarian since a few months now and your videos give me inspiration!

  31. Those dishes look amazing!

  32. Love this video. I'll be definitely trying the aubergine curry very soon.
    Could you please make a video with light vegan dinner recipes for summer?
    Love from Poland 💕

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