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  1. I haven’t known that you can make savory oatmeal. I try it with celery. It’s better that I thought 😃

  2. That savoury oatmeal sounds absolutely bizarre but definitely like something I’m going to make tomorrow

  3. Looks delicious 😋

  4. beautiful

  5. I love that these recipes work for any meal of the day. These style videos with multiple recipes are great, I hope you keep making them! 🙂

  6. I can't wait to make all of these!

  7. Easy peasy 1 2 3 !!! Thx so much!! All 3 ma favourite! I made all 3 same time so easy and delsih

  8. veganas son hermosas

    Loved this video! The necklaces came and they are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you again!

  9. We went with her own Savory oats with what was on hand.

  10. Yum, thanks,

  11. Hey könntest du mal probieren saisonale Gerichte zu kochen? Weil kaum eine Zutat kommt aus Deutschland :/

  12. I'm so going to try these! But for lunch since i can't eat savory breakfasts hehe xx

  13. I have definitely a sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast but I watch this video anyway 😅❤️

  14. Definitely trying them!! Thanks 😆😆

  15. Yay so excited to try these recipes!

  16. Love all your videos <3 Please make more recipe ideas!

  17. somethingsgottachange x

    Wo zur Hölle finde ich Hefeflocken? Ah

  18. Your videos inspire me to eat healthier 💓

  19. 1:40 ohhhh Mein Gott ich hab haargenau dieselbe Schüssel wie du.. 😂😍

  20. Mina I received my vegan necklaces today and they are lovely! Thank you so very much and happy holidays to you and your family. 🎄🎅🎄

  21. I love your videos so much! Keep up the good work!

  22. I love your videos sm

  23. My favorite was probably the wrap can’t wait to try it

  24. looks so good!! Can’t wait to try them all…😀❤️👍🏻

  25. The apple and aVo combo sounds so good I love sweet and savory 😍😍

  26. Amazing as always. <3

  27. : O      Savoury porridge! Why didn't I think of it? Thank you!

  28. Loved the vid as always

  29. You opened my eyes to another use for oatmeal! Definitely using oatmeal instead white rice now

  30. This was so perfect. I love savory breakfast food.

  31. can this savory oatmeal really taste well? just asking, it just seems to be so weird

  32. I can smell it though the screen ❤

  33. OMG wait did I just drool

  34. You totally came through! I asked you literally just yesterday in your latest video for some savoury oatmeals recipes, you must be psychic 😂

  35. Mmmmmmm so good 💕💕✨✨

  36. Ooooh hell yeah*-*

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