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  1. I love watching your recipes ❤️ I have a question how did you prep your cast iron ?

  2. Baby yes…you need to make recipes for a 4 member family….cause honey that stuff will be gone in one day lol

  3. Looks yummy. Possibly add a little of the pasta water at the end?

  4. Very creative recipe and will be making it real soon! Thanks 🌼

  5. kobayashimaru65

    Wow, I never thought of lemon and mushroom pasta! Looks fantastic!
    I love the look of your new kitchen. Good luck to you and your family in your new house.

  6. This looks delicious—I actually have all the ingredients and will make this tomorrow. Do you ever eat? It’s always your husband eating.

  7. Looks good.

  8. Ohhh boi ! Looks so fresh ! Love your ring too !

  9. Looks amazing! But you should add a little bit of pasta water to the sauce. Trust me, it'll be more creamy AND delicious.

  10. I will make this recipe …………..thank you . Also, I love love love your stove and that lovely ring !

  11. Yummy!!!

  12. Ms.ambiti0uss L

    Wow you’ve the best! I was stressing about what to make for dinner today and this came together absolutely wonderfully 😄👍🏼 Thank you it was delicious 😋

  13. That looks delicious 😊

  14. Your kitchen looks nice. Even if I don't comment I always give you a 👍😁

  15. Jennifer Harris

    Good lord, I drool like a hound dog every time I watch one of your vids.

  16. Omg so delicious,Mujercita! So easy and plated so beautifully! I will try this!
    I just ate and I'm hungry again! Lol😊🤗👍👍❤

  17. Lauraly's Homestead

    I will try this with smoked chicken.

  18. Ananda Bricker

    No worries I’ll use better than bullion veggie style.

  19. Ananda Bricker

    Yay. You’re always on my level but since I’ve gone veggie I haven’t stopped by as much. Love I could stop by for me instead of my boys today.

  20. Irma Pereira-Rivera

    Welcome back ⚘the lemon linguini mushroom looks great and I'm sure it taste delicious 👍🏻👏👏

  21. Will you be giving a kitchen tour on your vlog channel?love your vids!

  22. I just made this recipe and its SO good! I used leftover grilled chicken diced up and fried it in the oil to add more flavor to it but omg this is such a great recipe! Will definitely make it again 😀

  23. Omg you forgot to say the intro, "To get started you will need…"! Ah, I guess I will have to just watch the video without it. Haha love the new kitchen!🤗😊

  24. Elizabeth Adams

    Can you just come feed me all the time? Should I not get some perks being a best friend and all?? Yeah I know you have your kids and husband, yada yada yada. I'm just saying…😉

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