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  1. What is the Song in the background?:) Thank you ❤️

  2. I've been vegan since about 2 months and your peanut stew is my favorite recipe I tried so far!

  3. for sure want to try the peanut one,  then maybe the wheat berry. I agree she talks too fast but good recipe ideas.

  4. I tagged Lisa in my IG post and she responded, but I am going to post here too for viewers to read… these recipes are sooo freaking good. I made the first two, and I loveddd them. The Asian Peanut Stew is officially one of my favorite recipes ever! That’s how delicious it is. And it smells amazinggg while cooking. 😋😋😋

  5. Genevieve Winchester

    What is the name of the song playing in the back?

  6. Ruthann Amarteifio

    They all look good!!
    However, the music is way too loud— 🙁

  7. Can I use Asian granulated mushroom broth in the peanut stew or should I use better than bouillon vegan?

  8. Lisa I love you! I made your red lentil Curry again and doubled it adding a bit more curry flavor which I really didn't need. Now I have food for the rest of the week and I can freeze a couple of meals so when I don't feel well or my caregiver isn't here I've got tasty meals in the freezer! Be well and stay happy! 🙂 XO

  9. You have inspired me to incorporate vegan meals into my weekly menu. Thank you! New subbie & also full time college student ❤️

  10. Your thumbnail just makes me click on every single video!

  11. what's the song name?

  12. Hey Lisa, thank you so much for blessing my feed 🙂 & could you please tell me what the song is? Its wonderful!!

  13. Great video! Can anyone please tell me the song being played in the background?

  14. How much does the Kombucha stew serve?

  15. Love this video, recipes and music!! what is the name of the artist and song? Thank you love~ 🙂


    ok be vegan

  17. These look really yummy. Suggestion… slow down your speaking just a tad, and lower the volume of the music. It was really hard to understand a lot of what you said.

  18. Recipes look great and I would subscribe,But the music you play is tooooo oud and distracting. Sorry but we both miss out.

  19. This food looks GREAT! very creative

  20. what camera do you use?

  21. wow i feel like i know u or something !!

  22. love watching your videos (:

  23. Just found your channel and i love your videos and personality!!! Looking forward to many more videos 🙂

  24. OMG my Chinese teacher just gave me the large bag of rice noodles so I'm gonna make the soba noodle soup base asap!!

  25. I just discovered your channel, and I'm so happy I did!

  26. All the food looks so yummy❤️


  28. Yaaaaas Lisa you are nailing these recipe videos!! 😀 In the future, add the miso paste after cooking, because when you cook it, you kill the live cultures </3

  29. Looks amazing! Also lol you typed 'miso pasta' instead of 'paste' in the description box :'D

  30. These recipes are so unique! I think you missed coconut sugar in the second recipe though

  31. Your food always looks so good 😍

  32. bro that noodles soup omfg

  33. These all look SO GOOD 😍😍


  35. I am so trying this! Thank you sosososososo much <3

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