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  1. I am British and it is said "WOOSTERSURE" the "shire " is silent

  2. can you make a low carb bread or wrap??

  3. Emily Fruscella

    Woah ur friends name is so close to mine

  4. oy vey 🙄🙄tooooo much talking

  5. Get to the point lady.

  6. stephane Charbonneau

    Get some gluten free flour and make a fucken gravy out of the juices

  7. you are very pretty
    and good idea on chicken

  8. it's worcester sauce that from the uk

  9. It looks delicious I'm going to try it tonight thank you Emily.

  10. Thanks, that looks so good. Thawing breast so I can try it.

  11. you talk too much in the beginning of the video.

  12. Nasse ナッセ Sweden

    Did you add any water? There is so much liquid in there when it is finished.

  13. Артём Пермяков

    I absolutely love this crock pot.>>>ur2.pl/1064 Easy-to-use came with manual. Easy-to-clean and honestly everything I've cooked in it comes out super delicious. It is a bit of a hassle to move around as it is heavy but it's nice enough to leave on the counter for decor when not in use. Has locks on lid for easy transport but don't lock if cooking. Great product. Highly recommend.

  14. Great video! Beautiful Lady!

  15. I love your video, the only criticism I have is that the music is horrible, lol.

  16. Ericson Presents...

    Wait. The chicken made allllll that juice?

  17. Wear a bikini while you cook and you will triple your viewers

  18. Way too much talking becomes annoying

  19. Pink shirt is not pink… eye twitch

  20. Dionysys Entertainer

    you kinda go about the video like you really need to hurry and get something else done…but the fact that you run through what to do and then fast forward the cooking is perfect.


  22. Never been to you channel before. Why do you welcome me back?

  23. Looks yummy but the sauce looks to watery.

  24. You're beautiful Emily!!! Makes it so much easier to watch the video… thank you <3

  25. mansring rayder

    The correct way of pronouncing it is "Woos – ter – sheer" 👍🏼

  26. italian dressing has a lot of sodium it along with the barbecue sauce. If you just use pepper, that should be enough seasoning. Anyway good video and good luck

  27. 6/10 would smash

  28. The BBQ sauce has no sugar but the Olive Garden dressing has high fructose corn syrup so that’s not good.

  29. Deja Does Negril

    How was this “easy” theres like 20 million things going on LOL

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