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  1. Impressive, low cooking time, remained juicy.

  2. ShesInLosAngeles

    I made this for dinner tonight and my husband flipped! So gooood… thanks! 😉

  3. tgrasshopper Tony

    This has become the standard for cooking tenderloin in our house (half a dozen times already). I use a Lodge cast iron skillet, with the spices you list (exactly) and it really works! Which is not easy feat because it has to please the wife, the daughter and the granddaughter all at the same time… Thank you Natasha for making Granddad's life a little easier..

  4. This is now my go to tenderloin recipe. It is delicious. Serve with any potato or rice recipe with any veggie. You can't go wrong.

  5. Marie Bartolotti

    Where did you get the lemons and garlic hanging by your window?

  6. Your recipe its what I've been looking for. Thank you <3

  7. Cornell Wynnobel

    We love and have it often. Great and simple recipe!

  8. Benabdallah Khirou


  9. Thank you!

  10. I love this. Clear,concise instruction with no pretentiousness. I am making this tonight.

  11. John-Michael Salas

    Just made this tonight for my family, easy to do and came out fantastic. Thanks!

  12. thank you natasha…i am subscribing mainly because you are making this about your recipe to which you listed the ingredients for! i am sick & tired of looking for a good recipe only to find that they think they are either too good or to busy to take the time to clearly write the recipe and ingredients on the same video. i'm not interested in following their whole life! or their blog! you represent yourself well with clear and specific recipes and ingredients. i hope to see many more of your videos! i'm trying this one tonight!! i know hubby will love it!

  13. Amazing and delicious recipe! I cooked 2 tenderloins with butternut squash and sweet potatoes bake for side dish. So good! Thank you so much for your effort and for sharing with us your delicious recipes!

  14. great vid production. Thanks for this!

  15. I did it. Natasha, you are a queen! Thank you. I did also pork chops the same way and it is fantastic. Thank you!!!

  16. I didn't even see the meat…

  17. This was so easy and so good

  18. Anyone else wondering why she had the smallest slice when she tried it?

  19. Nevermind I found it !👍🏻😀

  20. Natashia I can’t seem to find your grilled peaches with pork tenderloin recipe?!

  21. rakesh singarapu

    that is easy and awesome…..where you from mam

  22. Fabio Fernandez

    Perfect ! thank you Natasha

  23. 19 people must not be able to eat pork due to their religion lol

  24. Thanks for the pointers I’m now a stay at home dad and I love cooking so your videos help out a lot and I look like a super star lol thanks again

  25. Thanks a million Natasha!!! I bravely made this for Christmas… and … everyone raved abt it!!! It is soooo goood, even withoust any sauce or gravy…
    And I just made it again yesterday for my brother who was not here at that time …and he loved it too.
    Now this is a staple dish in my home… thanks to you!! xoxo

  26. What if u don't have a thermometer

  27. Charles Campione

    In addition to liking her recipe, I like the way she presents herself she looks good and she doesn't talk to her audience like she's talking to kindergarten children like most of the females do around here.

  28. nice, the only thing i'd make a sauce starting from all those tasty bits left in the pan, maybe a red wine reduction

  29. This looks fantastic!! After searing, roast only 15min. in 400 degree for 15 min and having perfectly cooked meat sound amazing.

  30. So good,so easy.I love it.Thank you.

  31. Came for the rack, stayed for the rack….

  32. love this recipe. i will make this for xmas easy yet tasty

  33. gr83needlenoses

    Love your videos and recipes. What type of pan did you use for this recipe? Enameled cast iron?

  34. Followed your recipe and it came out perfect!! Thank you!!

  35. Making this ,this weekend cant wait thank you for sharing ❤

  36. Came across your page and thank you for doing the "KISS!" (I'm an Army Cook)  Recipe !

  37. I just made this tonight. I found your site by searching google for tenderloin recipes. It turned out fantastic! I am saving your recipe. I didn't sear it in the pan since I grilled it on my electric clamshell grill. The summer heat was too hot to use the oven, so I decided to grill it instead. I had a food thermometre set at 160F so I didn't have to guess how long to cook the tenderloin. It was only a 1½lb roast. It was flavourful, juicy, and tender! I am sharing this recipe as well as bookmarking it for later. I hate cooking, but this was so easy and so good… I will definitely make this again! TY 🙂

  38. I have made this recipe 3 times now and still can't believe how great it is! This is a definite go too! Thanks for sharing!!!

  39. Hannibal Lecter

    You've earned a subscriber.

  40. I made this recipe last night. I didn't have any coriander or cumin so I substituted with a Mrs. Dash steak seasoning that contained coriander. It turned out so tasty. My husband loved it. I love how easy this was.
    I've made many dishes from Laura in the kitchen and it never goes well. This actually came out like it was supposed to! Thank you so much.

  41. useful

  42. OMG I want to make this tonight!! Natasha, thanks for spending your time and passion sharing with us!! I can't wait to impress my friends with this one!

  43. Trying this tonight. Love your simple supper ideas! My kids will help me marinate the meat. Greetings from a Polish chick living in sunny South Africa…

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