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  1. Hope you guys enjoy this more raw and candid video! I like being more personal with you guys! have a fabulous weekend <3 Let me know what plans you have in the comments! ❤️

  2. Bushnell Entertainment

    Feel bad for you that you have to be on a hyper caffeine high to get thru the day that's sad! 🙁

  3. Honest questions: are these powders really good for you? I just saw a documentary on how supplements are really not that great for you, some could be actually harmful. Just wondering about your opinion! By powders I mean the colleges and protein and MTC oil powder. Yes, please talk about blue light and about how to love to get up early, maybe meditate. Also, I eat a lot of sweets comes with where I work and me not having self control. With age, I became lactose intolerant and have awful heartburn. Am trying to heal myself through food. Imagine I need a 90% change, since I always eat a lot of carbs and sweets.

  4. Just purchased the MCT OIL and used your coupon code + 10% off more from being a first time purchase! I have a question. Is it ok to consume this even though I'm not doing keto? I purchased it because of the benefits of giving you energy and mental clarity.

  5. Love these videos!!! Thank you for putting out the BEST content! You are loved more than you know. YES please do a video about getting up at 5 am and loving it! I need all the help I can get in that department. Live, you are so beautiful inside and out. Question… what are you wearing on your lips in this video, especially after the gym once you have gotten ready. Around 1:30 into your video. Please share 🙂 Would love to see a get ready with you! Keep being AMAZING Liv!

  6. Megan O'Malley

    OMG those recipes looked so good!

  7. You should do a video pertaining to med school and your experience!!!

  8. Jennifer D'Ambrosio

    Yes talk more about blue light!

  9. Would love a 5am wakeup routine video

  10. Shaneska Melendez

    I loved this type of video ❤️🙌🏻 loved the vlog style type of content from you.

  11. Mandeep Jheeta

    Awesome video. Do you follow a strict paleo diet?

  12. Where did you get your glasses? Thank you😊

  13. Would love to hear about how you wake up at 5am!

  14. Life of a Wife

    Now I’m craving sweet potato toast and I don’t have any sweet potatoes 😩🤤

  15. Chantal Ramirez

    I’m 14 years old and enjoy eating healthy and fueling my body the right way! Your videos make eating clean so fun and I’m happy to start being healthy from a young age!liv you’re going to be an amazing doctor 🙂

  16. Treasure Van Laeken

    It looks super healthy and delish 😄 thanks for the ideas Liv !

  17. Elizabeth Lucy

    love all your healthy recipe inspiration🙏🌿

  18. Where is that smoothie cup from?? I need it!

  19. I aspire to eat clean like you

  20. Love your "what I eat in a day" videos❤ and how about a pdf with keto meal plan?😃 i remember you've talked about it once and since then I'm waiting for it hahah

  21. A little long:
    Liv, since you are such a hard worker in so many things, I have come up with an idea what you can actually work on.
    Monday: something recreating junk food
    Wednesday: basically like a vlog like you uploaded today
    Friday: basic food ideas, hacks, tips, like you usually make – healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner snacks and desserts and more..

    I hope you can do it like this than having a pressure to upload. I will miss you even if you don’t upload for a few days or weeks. Take care of yourself than pressuring yourself to keep uploading 3 times a week with different ideas.

    Take care 😚❤️

  22. LifewithLindsey

    love it!!

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