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  1. Vegan and loving it!

  2. OMG….This looks so good, thumbs up!!! Would you please help me get started with Youtube? Thank you…..

  3. I’m going vegan for one month to see if I can do it. This will be the first thing I make.

  4. I'm gonna say this is more macaroni salad, but I'm going to make it this weekend!! Thanks!!

  5. Oh no, you gave into the vegans! 😅😣

  6. Smiley found!!

  7. My god does this look goood!! I'm so making this for dinner tonight!

  8. Smiley face at 3:31on the red square in the tablecloth. Recipe just in time! Thanks!!

  9. Can I make this with regular mayo?

  10. Your hair! 😍

  11. Pineapple family

    More vegan recipes please 👍👍👍👍👍❤❤

  12. You should try the Hellman’s vegan mayo, it is heavenly!

  13. Passion for Curls

    Do you mind sharing what pasta you used for this dish please?

  14. Love your videos. 🙂

  15. Try Fabanaise much better! Will definitely more Mayo like

  16. I need to make this on my channel.

  17. I love fermented foods..

  18. Wow! 🥰 I love it!

  19. Thank you.. Gonna try this over the weekend

  20. Adding vegan recipes are a great way to test your creativity in the kitchen. More vids like this please. Ohh tuna-less tuna fish using garbanzo beans

  21. 😋

  22. Omg yes thankyou soo much, i LOVE your videos but have recently gone vegan so im glad I can still enjoy your delicious recipes

  23. omg yes please more vegan recipes!!!!!!

  24. I was just thinking to myself I want some pasta salad then you bless us with this 😋

  25. The Zebra Tribe Fam

    I make a similar dish. Now to try this vegan spin. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Thanks for sharing!!❤️

  27. Cassandra Dominguez

    Your videos make my day! :3

  28. I will definitely try this recipe for Memorial Day👍Thanks for sharing 💜

  29. I would like to see more salad recipes, pasta or greens.

  30. I'm the weirdo that likes to warm my pasta salad just a little Lol.. I just can't do cold pasta, but this looks good; jalapeno flavor😋 this recipe💖

  31. I thought it was the ones on your sons T-shirt but it’s at 3:32 on one of the solid red squares of the kitchen towel, right side of bowl!

  32. Ooo I think I'll make this on the weekend. I don't care much for the taste of Veganise either but Just Mayo will do.

  33. Being vegetarian love this recipe can’t wait to try

  34. If you want a super good vegan mayo that tastes no diff to real mayo try JUST mayo! and their ranch is even better than most non vegan ranch I've tried. Thanks for this recipe, looks yummy!

  35. Doubleblueapples


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