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  1. Hannah's Happy Home

    Hello Everyone!!🤗 I hope you enjoy today's Cook and Clean With Me video!💕 Let me know below in the comments, if you want me to film more cooking videos in the future⬇︎😊

  2. Great video!!!

  3. 💚💚💚💚💚💚

  4. I’m saving this video for the recipes it looks so good! Does your vacuum hold a lot or do you have to empty multiple times while cleaning? Also is the filter easy to clean? I’m looking at getting a cordless vacuum

  5. Mrs Smith Creations

    Cooking videos are definitely my favorite rather than cleaning 😉 I don't watch cleaning videos unless I'm bored (or supposed to be cleaning…..????)🤔😂

  6. Ok definitely going to have to make an apple crisp now!

  7. Looked yummy! Came over from Emily's channel.

  8. Love your personality! Thanks for sharing such an amazing video! Keep doing what you’re doing! Please let’s stay connected! 💖😊

  9. Christina Sewell

    How long did you cook the crisp for?

  10. I’ve never had apple crisp with that topping but it looked delicious

  11. Can u do more cooking videos ❤️🙏🏼

  12. Awesome video. Loved it. Please more like this with recipes. I think we all struggle with finding new ideas for supper. So these are very helpful. I’m wanting apple crisp now though , lol. Love ya Hannah . Keep up the great work honey. Taking care of a family
    Is very hard work but rewarding. You and hubby do an amazing job . God Bless you all.

  13. Everything looks great.tfs 😘🌼🌼🌼

  14. nice cleaning video!!

  15. Loved the video and your apron is so cute

  16. Fun collab!

  17. Debbie Fletcher

    Awesome. Yes id love to see more cooking n baking. Yummy apple crisp. Love it ❤😗

  18. I love this! Thank you for the recipes! I’m always looking for something different to cook for dinner and I love that you had a main dish and a dessert!!!

  19. Kentucky Frey'd Fun

    Thank you for the cleaning motivation, Hannah! 💖

  20. yum looks so good thanks for sharing.

  21. Yea hannah,ı want .you more cooking videos ,sorry Just a little english ,ı dont speak it well. english.

  22. Morningswithmalaya

    I love your dress!

  23. Will try this dessert. I think i have all ingredients. Tfs. Lovely video.

  24. Live Love Clean

    Now I'm craving apple crisp! Everything looks so good! 💕

  25. Love your videos. Everytime I watch your cleaning videos it makes me want to clean my entire house!

  26. awesome video girl everything looked really yummy.

  27. Hey Hannah. I wish we could do a collab. But we speak different languages on our videos.🙁
    I love you and you channel so much.

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  29. Momma From Scratch

    Thank you Hannah for collaborating with me!! Loved your recipes and can’t wait to make them!!! Wishing you a beautiful day!

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