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  1. Akka melted chocolate padhila chocolate syrup evalavu serkanu pls reply akka

  2. Chanceless Sister no words to say simply superb

  3. aishwarya balu

    Hi steffy, ready made cream use pannalama cake ku

  4. Cake paakave alaga iruku. Saapidanumu aasai varudhu! Yummy recipe. But tough ah irukumo!!

  5. Super cake 🍰.. steffi you are the only YouTuber who is the same yesterday.. today and will be always🌸.. so easy to understand ur recipes… u rock steffi 🥰

  6. Cake super sister 😋

  7. Wowww semaaaa dear kutty papa enna panura😍😘😘👍👏😚👌👌👍👏👏👏👏👏😎😃😍😘

  8. Wow! Nice sis ❤❤❤🍰

  9. Yummy and Lovely Steffy i love ur all dishes

  10. anitha Jasmine

    My daughter likes ur preparation very much.. Great fan of u.coking vessels are simply superb…U r rocking

  11. Jeevitha Jeevitha


  12. Super.. love the cake!! I have a doubt, if make a cake in batches.. till first batch bakes I can keep the batter ( second batch) in room temperature just like that or should refrigerate..because we have added baking powder/soda

  13. Dominic Chitra


  14. Steffi akka cake cream without blender epdi panrathu

  15. Cooking queen 👑

  16. Hi Akka nice 😋 mmm so are Souper Souper very nice

  17. Hi. Can i use filtered coffee instead of bru with water? Because i like filtered coffee flavour more than bru. Thanks in advance….

  18. 😊😊😊😊👌👌👌

  19. Yum yum Steffi always rocks 😍😊

  20. ayisath barsana

    Pls mention the ingredients in description box..so that we can easily know the recipe

  21. Suganya Samson

    Every time when I bake the top portion of my cake gets very rough..So I cut a thick layer and it become waste…How can I avoid sis

  22. Vanitha Rajesh

    Wow, Super cake

  23. Tulasi Harirajan

    Put some 1 to 2 years baby food mam

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