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  1. I want that!

  2. Ripped Engineer

    looks like sisig of Philippines

  3. Elizabeth Morales

    Isn't this basically bulgogi but he made some modifications

  4. You know, I’ve made almost everything he makes on YouTube.. EXACTLY how he says.. everything always seems too salty.. anyone else see that too?

  5. yeyegshsjkrkr hehey st eyeheh

    White people taco

  6. I'll make these tonight! Many thanks Gordon for the superlatively awesome recipe. (I'll work on my adverbs next).

  7. Made this family loves it.

  8. Made it tonight. Delicious

  9. Taylor Craig Newbold

    Holy Ginger, Batman!

  10. Gordon we don't eat ginger directly😑

  11. I made this today and damn this was phenomenal

  12. Simon Grönlund

    As a chef I see some issues here, Gordon shows you the "show" path of his dish but it is not the "logical/practical" path. Likely you would prepare a lot of vegetables AND first of all, the dipping sauce before anything else. Basically, this video is the battle between show and logical. You should always begin with what takes most time, including completing your https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mise_en_place and then doing the final touches to the dish.


  14. Caroline Tillia

    The guy is addicted to cilantro as much as I am. I can see now how he can be a good chef.

  15. I don’t care for fish sauce, Id sub chopped or ground anchovies for saltiness.

  16. Nice job, you can almost see what he's doing

  17. Chili beef Lettuce W R A P S

  18. who the shit gave this a thumbs down…either a vegan or a person with some kind of retardation.

  19. What kind of chilli is that? looks like red serranos

  20. Just made this and its so good!! thank you for this recipe!!!

  21. Cooking is not enjoyable! When you have to cook for more then a few ppl and your running around with your head cutoff its stressful I'll never cook for anyone but friends and family that is even more then enough…

  22. Now he has a new baby boy, he will be doing videos on spaghetti hoops and smiley faces soon LMAO

  23. Wheres the guac?

  24. Michael Elliott

    “A touch of olive oil” looks more like a cumshot to me

  25. I know you'll probably won't read my comment but what the heck ,I'm going to comment anyway.lol I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN, EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS JUST IN REACH… I admire your motivation of cooking it's extraordinary..shout out from Philippines

  26. The hydroponic aquaponic farmer and gardener

    Will replace bread for lettuce next time, great video

  27. i´ve noticed that a lot of people only said "add chilli" yes but there is a huge variety of chillis in the world i can add habanero, jalapeno, Xcatik, ghost damn pepper and i wont have the same result

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