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Crispy Chicken | Chicken Recipes | Non-Veg Starters


  1. I'll try this one 👍👍

  2. If we don't have coconut milk??

  3. Mmmm think I'm gonna save this one for this coming winter and add some gnocchi as a dumpling…yum…thanks Nafisa

  4. Fatima Arif Bhura

    Aasalamulaykum nafisah mam haw r u ? wow your All recipe different so test 😋 Amazing 👍 love your cooking 😚

  5. You forgot to add cornflour to make the stew thick otherwise it would remain watery!

  6. Always doing best and tasty recipes by spicy eats

  7. Can i use dairy milk instd of coconut milk

  8. Marco Villanueva

    From Almazan's Channel to Spice Eats! Kudos!

  9. very yummy recipe love chicken recipes

  10. Christina Sarkar

    Is it compulsory to add coconut milk in every recipe u ppl upload??…

  11. like it something new 👌👌👌

  12. Super curry sir 👌

  13. Nishi’s kitchen

    Assalamalaikum thanks for making and sharing this wonderful recipe

  14. Curries With Bumbi

    Lovely!!!!! I would even add some carrots if I make this during winter. Thanks for sharing 🙏🏽

  15. Monisha Yeasmin

    Kono kotha hobe na just yummmm yummm yummm… Thank you so much mam☺️☺️☺️ Aap nar recipe maney chokher tripti moner santi…😍😍💖


    Nafisa, Ramadan Mubarak.

  17. I should not watch your videos in Ramadan 🤣

  18. Are you from Hyderabad your cooking recipes methods are Hyderabad style. Good excellent in cooking.

  19. Allah it’s look so taste
    I can’t wait 2day I try inshallah
    Ramadan Kareem Mubarak ap Sab ko 🌹💐😥

  20. That looks so mouth watering 😋 😋😋

  21. Hmmm.. Ma_Sha_Allah very delicious and mouth watering foods in this vid…next time will cook this recipe for iftaar…Thank you for this nice recipe 😊🤗👍👍👍💘💖

  22. Super tasty!😍

  23. chanda's kitchen


  24. Looks yummy ..will give it a try !

  25. Debasmita Chakraborty

    Thanku mam to share this healthy recipe during this summer….I must try it ….love u😍😊😋yummy…..😋😋😋

  26. Good Ramadan recipe… will be perfect for sehri.

  27. Toooo good 😍😍

  28. Ur recipes are..yummy thnk u

  29. Vasanta Prabhu

    Just too too good…I'm running out of words to compliment your recipes….I love stew mainly because its very gentle on our palates….less masala but still yummillicous 👌👍😊

  30. Like it very much 👌🏼

  31. Khushnuma Ansari

    Can we replace coconut milk with anything else???

  32. How To Cook With Look

    waw…………very nice…..looks great

  33. I'm going to try this today.. it's looking very yummy😋..mam aapki sab recepies unique n easy Hoti h…love ur creativity..Allah bless u..

  34. shakila senthil

    It's very Emmi stew but add little bit cornflower we get rich and creamy thank you for your chicken stew

  35. Dhanish Dhanish

    You done a great recipe 👍👍👏. May Allah bless you and your family mam.

  36. good things with sayaan khan

    Can I add into this cow milk either then coconut milk

  37. Loved this recipe a lot mam 😍😍1 request from me plz make once chowmein recipe veg or non veg as u like 🙏🙏

  38. Shivesh Mukherjee

    Neat and clear video without any word.,,,,,, Awesome.

  39. Iam starving after seen ur dish .. Good job ..

  40. maryam namadyan

    Hello.. can i sub. Fresh milk? Coz unfortunately coconut, even coconut milk in a pack or in a box isn't available in my area😞

  41. Shazli Soparkar

    Delicious 👍

  42. Siddharth Mallick

    Instead of coconut milk can i use 'mother dairy' milk

  43. 🌺🌺 splendidly done looks amazing ji 🌺🌺

  44. Barsha Chakraborty

    কিন্তু এটা একটু বেশি স্পাইসি হয়ে গেল না…? স্ট্যু তো আরেকটু হাল্কা-পাতলা হয় বোধয়….

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