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  1. Uff oil

  2. I made this but the taste was sweet..why?

  3. I have tried it one hour ago. It was amazingly delicious. Everybody loved it.
    Thanks yasmeen huma.

  4. Looking delicious. I Wil try it today.

  5. Tried u r recipe……really very delicious 😋😋thank u so much

  6. Very tasty Hindi chicken easy steps .

  7. I love this recipe

  8. Which zeera r u using?? Black or green??

  9. nazmin tabassum

    Bhttt hi acchi recipe h maine try kiya h sbko bhttt psnd aaya 😊

  10. Cream nahi tou Kia kren??? 😐

  11. Very nice

  12. Baji Yasmin, mera chicken end tak tender e nai hota boti hard si hojti he agar pressure du to chicken tut jta he, please guide

  13. w/salam. I tried this and its delicious. thanks for sharing

  14. Can we use coriander powder instead of crushed coriander?

  15. Amazing….looks so delicious!

  16. I'm waiting for 1M subscribers of this channel 😉

  17. garam masala missing from ingredients in the description

  18. I tried this recipe.. it was finger licking good mashaAllah.. everyone at home appreciated Alhamdulillah . jazakAllah for this recipe. 🙂

  19. Ajj maine ya recipe try ki bohat yummy bani 👌

  20. Cream ki jaga milk balai dal sakte ha

  21. Simple cooking Lifestyle

    Hi yasmin today i tried this recipe out and it turned out good very creamy and perfect 💕 thank you for this ♥️ but the color was yellowish not red

  22. When i first saw your video it shows only 1k view,now it show 2m view. Glad to see this and wishing for your future endeavours.

  23. Walekuassalam

  24. Yarr itny ingredients daal mein bhi dale to kamal ho jae.
    Aur desi ghee to waisay he yummmmm 🙂🤤

  25. very nice 👌

  26. 👍👍

  27. Woww!

  28. I have tried this recipe.it was yummmmm

  29. Shekh Shekhnaziruddin

    So gud

  30. Cream kya optional hain?

  31. just mention gram masala on your description and by the way very nice recipe thanks

  32. Mene banayi aaj ye recipe bht tasty bani Masha Allah

  33. plz green chikan ki recipe dikhaye na

  34. Isse bina tomatoes me bana sakte hai

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