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  1. Amiyah & Jennifer Marcial

    Made this today and it taste like a restaurant!!! Love the recipe thank you!!

  2. frances fritticci

    I tried your zucchini meatballs and your eggplant meatballs love them I thought that you were supposed to put egg first then flour? For the chicken fricassee

  3. hard to be in a bad mood if you have this Gents company i can imagen

  4. I've tried several of your recipes, they're always a hit! Simple, easy and DELICIOUS thank you for sharing and for being so nice and funny. Hugs from Puerto Rico.

  5. I just found this channel and I love it God bless you

  6. Great recipe!

  7. Looks delicious
    You’re invited to come cook at our house any day 😊

  8. Chef, I just made this tonight. It was delizioso! I finished mine with another squeeze di succo di limone.

  9. and it go shhhhhhh 😬❤️

  10. Love your cooking! You’re the best!👍🏼😁❤️

  11. That looks so Delicious. Love the video. What can I eat with?

  12. Buonissimo! Cin cin e grazie*. 👌🏼

  13. I love you so much. My favorite 😍

  14. What kind of microphone are you using?

  15. I might add a few capers but otherwise… perfecto!

  16. Your so cute and a great chef

  17. So cute

  18. Made this last night…was a so good, it melt in your mouth

  19. I’m making this tonight!!!! Love your recipe! 🌹

  20. Che schifezza i francesi mangiate italiano il migliore al mondo

  21. itsa the big piece, itsa mine.

  22. A bit too much cholesterol. Sorry

  23. Pasquale, questa volta il vino non l'hai bevuto!

  24. Looks DELICIOUS chef P!!!

  25. Hello chef…i have a question what wine did u used?

  26. Everything is flour and butter

  27. Mi viene sempre fame quando guardo i suoi video😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  28. I'm serious when I say this…. I LOVE this show,,,, and chef… I really get upset when I see thumbs down.. The best cooking show on you tube…

  29. Molto buona !!!!!!!

  30. Just made this with my pops and I can taste everything I put into the chicken which was the best part of this tasty meal. My Italian self can't help but smell the ingredients put into the cooking pan so tasty 🤗🤗🤗

  31. I was wait for the “salute chin chin”! 😂

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