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  1. Tluangkima Khiangte

    Sweet meat will never tastty😐😐😐

  2. I've never seen or heard of half of the ingredients that were used in this video so I'm just gonna swallow my saliva and go sleep!

  3. Vikramaaditya.K. Rajput

    So delicious .. the best cheif recipe

  4. Can we just live together?

  5. Fantastic 👌

  6. These videos are sooo beautiful that they could be used as medicine for stressed people! I love this series and this chef!!!

  7. Great job chef….my mouth was 🤤 the whole video. Would love to try food made from your hands everything is always so good. Keep up the good work sir🙏

  8. Thunder Struck

    2 cups Maltose?

  9. Beautiful work of art!

  10. Amazing!Thank you Master Chef!

  11. Perfect Smoked

    Great looking content. Presume you did a lot of your very own video coding.

  12. 隻歌好柒,講完

  13. Another great meal buy a top chef 😋

  14. Алик Гайдук

    Sometime chef need smile )

  15. Great ingredients & recipe as usual. Thanks for sharing chef 👨‍🍳

  16. Roottororottororot

  17. Can anyone tell me where I can buy one of those knives? <3 If I'm going to take my Chinese cooking to the next level, I need to be able to precisely smash my shallots 😉

  18. Now I want some 包子.

  19. Lee守墓人罗辑


  20. Is the Wok seasoned like a cast iron skillet?

  21. Raut food Ravi


  22. Its dark soy sauce or light soy sauce??

  23. Just one more video! *shaking and scratch my neck* One more comment and like! *coughing for no reason* 😁😁😒😒

  24. Wow and we got a bonus fried rice video in this! 2 amazing videos in 1!!! Thank you for making this for our viewing pleasure 💜

  25. Enjoyed the video chef and that pork looks delicious.

  26. Abilash Vinales

    Awesome dish but tends me to make me more mouth watering …Love from South India, Tamil Nadu,Chennai..

  27. Nooooo what happened to my square videos… 🙁

  28. 黯然销魂饭

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