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  1. Intentional BonusMom: More Than A Stepmom

    Oh my! I cant wAit to make this

  2. Yummy!!!!😋😋😋👍

  3. Annahjoy Mogaka

    Too much olive oil 😯

  4. I have a cauliflower in the frig. Bought it because it was marked down; I never know what to do with them. I'll try this.

  5. Shout out to black folks not eating meat…I am black so save your comments, New subscriber

  6. I'm gonna try this minus the oil.

  7. Sure you got enough oil there 😂😂😂

  8. Beautiful

  9. I am so grateful that you are making vegan food. Thank you!

  10. SAute or deep fry?

  11. I’m a vegetarian and just fell in love with this recipe. Wow ❤️

  12. That juice dripping out of that taco! Amazing! So Good!⭐ I will try this . Thanks Darius😊🙌

  13. really like how chill u are in the kitchen. These look great and friendly to the waist line

  14. WestWard Pomona Gyrl

    Olive oil is too distinct in taste,it should only be for certain dishes. Definitely not tacos,the breakdown of the cauliflower was subpar. Why not add more water,if a lil dry? The cauliflower should also be properly seasoned. For better presentation of TACOS! White should be nowhere, what’s up w/the store bought taco shells? Was that oil on the plate, come on bruh. This 1 needs to be revamped all the way around. As per: A Certified Taco Connoisseur 🙋🏾‍♀️🌮🌮🌮

  15. I’m making this tonight

  16. Beautiful Disaster


  17. Chiara Petrachi

    You're making me hungry

  18. NoOoo, not veggie "taco" nOooo!!!

  19. You are the man, too kool!!! Thank you.

  20. Alejandro Avalos

    Couple tablespoons 🤔 more like 1/2 cup😱

  21. Looks absolutely delicious. I prefer flat corn tortillas but otherwise this is perfection.

  22. Genevieve Darrett

    Just found you and I am going to enjoy ur recipe's .love ur kitchen .. Beautifully done..

  23. Daniella Hernandez

    It takes me forever to make tacos. Cutting up the fresh veggies and making some toppings from scratch. I will try your recipe to save some time on taco night

  24. Dauphne McMurry

    Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Those look soooo so good!

  26. Looks good….u seem like a really cool relazed kinda guy.

  27. Looks delicious. Also love your personality. Glad to have found your channel…….off to the grocer now!

  28. It looks yummy, but I would put less oil though. 👍💟

  29. Made them! Very good! Thank you!

  30. That's a lot of oil. I would replace some of that with vegetable stock

  31. You was farting all night…..😤😟

  32. That was way too much grease boo, u should have added water to that it would have cooked down……smh

  33. You chopped down the cali by yourself? WOW!

  34. Do we not forget that this is his page this is the way he made his taco so if you want to do your own way then you flip, dice cut it,add or subtract Or whatever but it just kills me to see people say that's too much or you should have did this way you should have don that way o my goodness do it your way he only showed you all what he did either you like it or you don't it's just so much but anyway this is my opinion have blessed life n by way it was different but I definitely be trying it my way okay y'all my way lol thanks darius

  35. Anelle Williams

    I made this recipe…it was soooo good!

  36. Good job!
    I’m making them real soon

  37. MC5 Limited Skills

    You just made me hungry AF

  38. Can frozen cauliflower be used instead of fresh?

  39. Thanks Darius for veggie dishes. Great for a diabetic menu. God bless you.



  42. Idk why I thought you meant taco shells out of cauliflower 😂

  43. To Much oil.

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