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  1. No cream… 🤯 I'll be in my kitchen.

  2. Nigella is much more interesting and her FA is excellent. Your irreverence as you cooked this sauce was not attractive nor did it inspire me to cook your dish. Tighten up your technique and polish your presentation to be on a Bon Appetit level.

  3. How much butter?

  4. An Alfredo with cream tastes way better just saying

  5. Carla is a natural talent, love her!

  6. BRAVA CARLA! So many American channels say Alfredo is made with tons of heavy cream. How did that happen?? It's like how some also add cream to carbonara. NOOO! Cream makes a beautiful dish into a lump of concrete in the stomach, while feeding the American obesity epidemic. Bravaaaaa Carlaaaaa

  7. i do wanna add some garlic and wild thymin^^ Best dish 🙂

  8. Water and cheese? Not for me

  9. Horrible

  10. No egg yolk??

  11. how does the cheese melt? I tried it stayed clumpy ..

  12. iIm getting cheese sticking to the bottom of the pan……what am I doing wrong??

  13. Kaitlyn McGrath

    Wow an incredible recipe, just made it. Thanks!

  14. Katrina Kardashian

    She has an amazing personality for cooking so festive hehe

  15. But cream makes everything better!

  16. On one hand, I'd like to try her recipe, on the other, it looks like noodles someone has whispered the word "cheese" to.

  17. So whats the point of not adding cream? It only makes it taste better.

  18. Carla, you're smokin hot

  19. Thank you Carla for an authentic fettuccine alfredo! My mouth is watering from watching this video. Would you consider adopting me?

  20. What book does she have at the start?

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