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  1. Heavy Metal Bar-B-Que

    Nice!……You're giving the Competition guys a run for their money with this one!
    Don't you just love that tray from ikea? Can't live without mine. m/

  2. Is that right? Sheeeeeeen?

  3. American food essentials: yeast extract, high fructose corn syrup and msg, don’t forget your tasty chlorine drink!😂

  4. never use Aluminum for cooking on high heat ,its very bad for you ,it gets in your bones and replaces calcium making your bones weeker

  5. 넌 외로운 꽃

    This seems like it’d be way too salty!! Literally every step has so much added salt in it besides the honey

  6. What temp are you running? Those pit barrels usually run hotter than most smokers. 275-300'? Never mind found an earlier reply, thanks for the video.

  7. Great now I'm running around sayin "sheeeeeeen" for no reason! Great chicken my friend, it looks amazing

  8. Not for nothing but why dont white people wash their meat before cooking???

  9. Looked good till you put all that honey in it… Not criticism, just that I am a southern BBQ man.. spicy and savory no sweet. Or very little.. plus I use mesquite exclusively..

  10. People need stop cooking white meat like a red meat FFS

  11. Am I the only one worried about my cholesterol??????

  12. Instead of Honey about Apple Juice….

  13. This is a take on a French recipe (confit technique). You omitted boiling the brine. This does help keep the skin less leathery. My understanding and belief is that the salt and sugar make a chemical transition from a suspension to a unified form. This has too many additional flavors for me, but, it does look good.

  14. Not clear if brine should be cooled first before placing chicken therein. I’m guessing yes. Also, is it okay/advisable/preferable to brine meats in a metal containers? I’m guessing no. Clarification?

  15. Gona have to try this but I have not seen Jack Stack products in any of the local markets.

  16. Looked lovely, but hold your folk properly. It’s not a spear for Christ sake.

  17. It's basically a confit, a technique that is great for all meat. 😉

  18. Dude…….. gloves….

  19. my dog is droolin so hard dude thnx now I gotta go git some =)

  20. Oh man those look good!

  21. Lawnmower, sounds like summer 🍗 BBQ 🤤
    Sizzling butter, crickets, ( I want some) oh yaaaaa!

  22. I like to wash meat.

  23. I’ll put my home-made BBQ sauce up against ANY store-bought sauce ANY TIME!

  24. Too many steps.

    I just boil mine, take them out, throw on the spice named Piffi Krydda(Piffi Spice) and then just into the oven at like 200 degrees Celsius. Wait until they are golden brown as usual and you're done. Works just as fine on the grill too. Well grill is always better for taste.

    You can google the spice name to see see pictures of it and if you find it. Buy it and try on chicken. For me it's easily one of the best spices for chicken.

  25. diabetes 2.0

  26. PEACEMAKER Brantley

    Deadly stay away, not only is there no life in that chicken also the coal dust gets on the meat. Nothing dead can offer life no matter its made to taste, its killing people…

  27. Holy crap you 'Mericans gotta take all the feel out of grilling.

  28. hey kids its holiday armadillo

  29. Crouching Wombat hidden Quoll

    Yes…..I bet they are awesome 😳

  30. JUPITER King Of Fire

    I’m from Kansas and yes I love jack stacks.my spot is down in the plaza or the one in JO

  31. I KNOW DAM WELL that chicken tastes good…. this make you want to slap somebody

  32. Pat these dry, then flip them over into their own water.

  33. Question: at 9:19 you cooked the chicken for an hour – at what temp? Also you mentioned that this was previously used to cook ribs – so was the temp dropping though out the 1 hr cooking process?

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