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  1. What is the name of paneer brand that u use? It looks super soft

  2. Marguerite Howland

    Your food looks amazing !!Checkout my video for a way too start YOUR day!!!


    simple and easy…delish


    wow yummy.. ur husband and kids are so lucky..they can have delicious and variety of dishes…

  5. great appetizer served perfectly…
    the plate was awesome from where did you get it..

  6. That looks so yummy again a great recipe been watching you're videos for Afew years now 😊,what was the green chutney made from ?

  7. soooo easy and quick appetizer. but that u talked while eating😂😂😂 sooo funny n cute

  8. Thanks for the recipe!

  9. quick and easy bite .can we grill it the same way

  10. Looks super delicious Bhavna ☺

  11. nice

  12. Manish Jaiswal

    quick recipe n yummy too👌

  13. Hey bhavna, very superb & Lovely recipe… Thanks

  14. pls don't talk while eating bcz u look sooooo funny

  15. Hi bhavna ,love ur recipes 😊 i hv tried ur many recipes u make it vry easy & simple …..

  16. lovely… thanks for the yummy recipe..

  17. Ismatt gulamsabir

    yummy delicious & also u can try mint sauce (dry mint,dahi, salt)

  18. hmmmm yummy

  19. Megha Pathania


  20. ^√^ excellent

  21. Kulwinder Kaur Tiger


  22. Nice!

  23. very nice

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