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  1. Entertaining With Beth

    SPOILER ALERT: For those who are current subscribers to my subscription box and will be getting the Dec box…you may want to hold off on buying the cocktail napkins…just saying…hint…hint 🙂 Dec Box will ship starting Dec 6th, on the same day I'll be doing the Dec unboxing video. It's sure to be another great one! Can't wait to share! Stay tuned!!

  2. Make use of black sesame seeds then it really looks like a sunflower!!

  3. Lorrain Cassesso

    Made both came out perfecto!!!!

  4. Hello, this looks fabulous. Wondering if using goat cheese with figs or manchego with ham will make the pastry soggy… Thank you for such wonderful recipes!!

  5. Sonia Frontera

    Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  6. Thank you 🙏
    You make everything looks easy & delish!

  7. What can we use instead of pesto?

  8. Amezing & i m ur fan masterchef

  9. That looks easy I will try to make.

  10. Ivanka Z.Olsen

    Hei, i would like to ask. We dont like pesto, what can i use for substitution? Any ideas?

  11. Catherine Eckstein

    Couldn’t the dessert version of this be made with a jam or preserves?…and instead of pesto, couldn’t a spreadable cheese mixture be used?

  12. Great for guests as well as self. Creative n simple

  13. Eli delicious Easy Recipe

    Yummy 👌👌👌👌❤️

  14. Oh Dear ❤️👍We👪👫All Family Learn FromYou, thank you So much and Apreciate it🙏🏼, God Bless You, Amen👏

  15. Please please… what bran of puff pastry are you using? this looks ''delicioso''

  16. what brand of puff pastry are you using? some of them don't come out well. I tried two brands and didn't work well.

  17. How much time can I freeze it ahead of time? Does anyone did it? Thanks! 😀

  18. What if it won't fit in the freezer? Can I prep all but the egg wash and keep them in the fridge a couple hours on the colder bottom shelf?

    I am adding a few spoonfuls of Morello Cherry preserves over my Nutella. Cherry/Chocolate/Hazelnut….oh my.

  19. I have got a italian student staying for 5 months ,have been watching liads of your vid for ideas,they all in my little book I've made thanks from uk

  20. I made the Nutella version for Yule and the group loved it

  21. ggrkareno1 pierrot

    Wow thanks from Vienna Austria happy HOLIDAYs

  22. They i loved this deffo on my list next to do ,did a goats cheese with fig and balsamic chutney for my aunties party it wrnt down a treat,that was inspired by you,now i have been told everyone wants more,

  23. Oh my, you weren't kidding that is easy!! Thank You!!

  24. I made this for Thanksgiving with an apple filling, topped with a little powdered sugar. The results were stellar! I got comments like "You MADE this?" and "Wow!" Obviously, I am making it again for Christmas morning 🙂 Thanks Beth! You are so inspiring!

  25. It looks beautiful, and I am sure that it tastes even better. Both versions look delicious.

  26. Holidays & Celebrations

    I love making these! Happy Holidays!

  27. Made the nutella one, then had to make a second one. My boys loved it. Delicious..thank you

  28. Sorry if this has been asked before but can I make in advance (without baking) and pop in the freezer? Love this video, thanks from Canada

  29. Thank Beth, these look delicious. I will make this Christmas. I love your channel

  30. I love how you speak and show every detail!!!! New follower!!!!!!!

  31. Beautiful!!! I love your channel, your insights & commentaries… You are the best! Can't wait to try different versions of this…Yum.

  32. This thing is freakin GORGEOUS. Imagine how beautiful that would look on a table at a dinner party.

  33. The pesto pie is so versatile serve it with Greek yogurt yummy happy Christmas

  34. I loved this you can make anyway by adding just about any flavor I have tried it with lemon pudding and Brie. Chocolate with crumbled nuts. Caramel and vanilla pudding and the list goes on and on I love this recipe.Thank you so much for this video Lori B

  35. christina cabrito

    love the way you explain thing love you stuff😜

  36. Bluewren Reilly

    Great recipe and you are a lovely personality.

  37. Awesome art

  38. Beth my nephew is allergic to all nuts, can you suggest another filling for the desert version ?

  39. This looks so easy and so elegant

  40. Simple and elegant! Thanks for sharing. Eager to see more!

  41. Beautiful presentation!

  42. Very cool and so professional I watch you tube channels for a long time this is the first time that I comment. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  43. I made your tarte au soleil for Thanksgiving, the pesto version. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture and it was gone quickly. My family gives it a Thumbs Up. Next time I will use a better puff pastry. I bought the common grocery store one. I had a bit of trouble with the twisting of the pastry, but realize it takes practice. I appreciate your thorough directions and the tips you share. Next I want to try your skillet chocolate cake.

  44. This has so many filling potentials…amazing and simple!

  45. Eva Irena Slabek

    These Tarte au Soleil are both beautiful and delicious! Merci Beaucoup!

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