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  1. Which kind of apple can I use for this recipe, sweet apple or sour apple ?

  2. 👍👍👍👏

  3. Magister chavera

    E for effort

  4. Apprendre les bonnes manières

    Cela semble délicieux !

  5. I just made this. Delicious. The apple is inspired. I used a simple Marie Rose sauce instead of mayonnaise. I topped it with a tiny bit of trout roe/caviar. Sweet, lemony, sea taste, perfect. Thank you.

  6. How do u precook prawns pls reply I want to try it tonight

  7. victorien Hounsi

    it's super very nice I love it

  8. I'm gonna try this but without the mayo! Instead, I'm gonna use Greek yogurt! 😊 thank you.

  9. Es que tu parle français?

  10. Une entrée magnifique.
    Vous obtenez un meilleur résulat en utilisant des langoustines fraiches plutôt que des crevettes et en les snackant avec du beurre, j'utilise de la sauce coktail qui apporte plus de puissance que seulement de la mayo allégée, évidement c'est une question de goût.
    Merci pour votre interprétation de la recette.

  11. Wow! That looks good. I think I will make it, only I will NOT be adding apples. Thank you so much.

  12. Can I use coconut cream or Ranch dressing instead of mayonnaise?

  13. Sarah yo Spina yo

    We don't have the "french pickle" here is it ok if we don't add it or if we can use another ingredient to replace it?

  14. horrible sound –

  15. Killing appetizer……

  16. Awesome idea with the apple and mayonnaise I never thought they would go so good together. Thanks for the idea 😊 it reminded me of a dish called ceviche.

  17. zwina wasfa

  18. blanchecolombe1

    Hello Alia, on the video it says is for 2 avocados and on your website it says for 1 so which one is it? And is that ok if I don't put cornichon? Thanks

  19. Awesome . but use spoon to remove avocado

  20. Fantastic! I loved it, very quick, tasty and healthy ! Thanks for sharing dear!

  21. I did not have pickle but added diced red onion instead…my guests loved it!!  I made it in advance and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours to chill. Thanks for the idea!

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