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  1. That armpit hole though…

  2. I love how you make the sauce Klingon to the Papa Radell

  3. Astronomy Is Fun

    Do a gourmet makes with maltesers.

  4. bolognese without tomatoes is like brad without alicin. take your stupid t-shirt and go home andy, it's not working.

  5. I want my relationship to be as strong as the last few desperate threads holding that shirt together.

  6. ohnothefightsout

    there are not enough Andy videos on this channel

  7. Pancheta is salted bacon is smoked.

  8. Carlos Henrique Rodrigues Araújo

    No heat, no red wine, no tomatoes, no garlic. Andy needed a trip to Italy to get a real bolognese sauce and some ragu.
    Also processing the sofrito is bad, you need a fine dice into 1/8th inch and salte with your garlic and peppers

  9. Why was the water boiling for 2 hours though 😅

  10. What does Andy even do to all those shirts? I swear his wardrobe is so holey it could be the Pope.

  11. How did he not think to put on a different shirt this morning. Also why does he still have the shirt, like how has he not decided to throw it away.

  12. I have never made Bolognese with stock of any kind, been using Marcella Hazan's recipe for years

  13. THE 👏🏽 EDITING 👏🏽

  14. Pay tha man so he can buy a proper shirt smh

  15. whoever edits this man, they need a prize of something. it's amazing

  16. Holy editing Batman, used that same drinking clip so many times. Perhaps they just really liked Gabby in it.

  17. I wish Andy would go "low and slow" with me

  18. Andy's best impression is "LA" . Where do you find them, BA?

  19. Andy should had went shirtless 💁🏻‍♀️

  20. The way Andy stares off into the abyss is literally next level mood 😂 same buddy same

  21. Miranda Campbell

    Andy was in this video? I only saw Marlon Brando

  22. Editing on point HAHA

  23. Ana Lucia Contreras

    Lmfao perfect

  24. Random question. Where is the closest toilet from the Test Kitchen?

  25. The editing on these keeps me coming back!

  26. My God Andy, this is not the classic Bolognese recipe. The ragù alla bolognese should not be a vegetable puree, it is not Gerber baby food. Using the food processor is the lazy way to do things. Coincidentally a few weeks ago I saw a video of Chef Soth Lucullo from the "Cooking my Way" channel and I liked his recipe, it's more classic and respects the recipe. The video is titled: S01Ep01 Ragù alla Bolognese with Fettuccine eggs free

  27. If you're a using store bought stock, Kenji Lopez recommends adding powdered gelatin to it for better mouth feel. I've found it works pretty well. Just some friendly advice for anyone , like me, who uses store bought stock.

  28. Editing is getting too cutesy. Andy, and frankly all your hosts, have plenty of personality. They don't need help.

  29. Just a half a cup of parmesan.

  30. I thought it was nachos

  31. i thought everyone was being dramatic about the holes in his shirt until 5:01 😳

  32. Adam Raguesa and the gang NEED to do a collab. IT’S MANDATORY

  33. It would be nice if BA is not doing pasta dishes again or at least not for the next vid

  34. maybe i can donate my old shirt with no holes in it to him

  35. I have on question.. I love Ba but this startles me.. Ive been to culinary school and I was taught to always wear sth to hide your hair and all of them dont.. Claire even sometimes has open hair and I wouldnt even have been allowed in my kitchen.. (its not necessarily criticism just curios)

  36. Gabbie naruto running with buns confirmed she is tenten 😀

  37. Gabby at 1:57 is me every Friday after work.

  38. just take the shirt off. no more problem lol

  39. How stoned is you, dude? I'll take whatever you smoked up on, Andy!!

  40. is there a substitute for the white wine?

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