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  1. Marisa Jürgens

    Germany breakfast not quite accurate. This looked like a mixture of certain breakfast, and lunch/dinner thing. The coffee is right. On weekdays you would have healthy oats and cereal, or bun with cold cuts, marmelade, Nutella and a hard boiled egg. Weekends is fresh buns, scrambled eggs, etc. The prickels we have more for the Bavarian Brotzeit, or in the rest of Germany when having a "light" dinner (when you didn't have time or lust to cook dinner, as lunch normally is the warm meal of the day). And around 4pm normally it is our "tea time" better said coffee time with cake. Yummy!

  2. Khadijah Campbell

    Where's Jamaica ???

  3. Where is Jamaica 🇯🇲

  4. Bread + Papaya + Coffee are the best!

    I leave this planet now. 😁

  5. camila restrepo

    Yeah, no, that's not a Colombian breakfast.

  6. Colombia looks delicious 😍🥑

  7. Colombia’s breakfast does include arepa, but that fried arepa and stuffed is more from Venezuela. Also never seen arepa with avocado.

  8. kalpana manoharan

    Video looks great… 😋😋
    In India especially in Tamilnadu, we use to ve idly, vada, coconut chutney and sambhar(its a curry using Dhal, so many veggies, tamarind etc.).. for breakfast.. 😋😋..

  9. I agree, Columbia has a great Breakfast!

  10. تحفه بجد شابووه
    ممكن المقادير بالعربي

  11. Paweł Augustyniak

    Poland in next video

  12. Finland looks delicious!! Sauna and pastry?? I'm there!
    Black currant juice sounds nice and refreshing! Thanks for the world tour!

  13. Chocolate for breakfast I'm moving to Spain

  14. What about the uk? Also tbh I really don’t think that’s representative of what the average citizen would eat

  15. They forgot Mexico cafe y pan dulce

  16. I lived in colombia for 6 years and never saw an arepa avocado sandwich

  17. Awesome 👍😁

  18. Mou Bhattacharyya

    It is kind of funny to see chai tea.
    Chai or (chaa) actually means tea in many countries. It came from China hence the common name was borrowed too.
    So literally it will be like saying tea tea. Tea to the power 2.
    Cheers for chai

  19. Mustafa Can Bayram

    As an turkish, I wanted to say what do we eat in breakfast.

  20. Idk what will Indonesia have if they're included in this vid.

  21. Sisi The Tourist

    I love the creativity in this video.. thanks for the upload!!

  22. Germany, man, you're doing breakfast right.

  23. Obligatory Torille?

  24. Carolyn Rice-Davis

    Very good choice of breakfasts from around the world!….really enjoy your channel!

  25. Kathryn Blodgett

    I have to object to the USA breakfast. People who have smoothies for breakfast Never eat bacon and eggs. And people who like bacon and eggs wouldn't have a smoothie with it. It would be o.j., coffee or tea, even soda. The smoothie would be a quick on the run breakfast.

  26. California Girl

    Thank you.

  27. Genevieve Roser

    USA and Germany, my kind of breakfasts. Don't think I could do fish for breakfast lol yuk! Finland's looked interesting but I have no idea what it was lol

  28. You will never see a Colombian eating arepas with avocado

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