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  1. I have been posting daily on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/fittuber/?hl=en

  2. Wt a breakfast … Mouthwatering soo yumm … N the best thing is soo sooo healthy …. Amazing … This is the channel which is not wasting our time …. you are spreading awareness about healthy food … Simple easy n nice … Thank you sir … I subscribed your channel N i m your new subscriber …

  3. Ye India hai American nhi to please speak hindi

  4. I love tamarind rice and ragi malt…

  5. Amazing video👌

  6. Thank u so much pa super recep

  7. God bless you sir

  8. l like each one except besan ka chila

  9. Thank you… I need it

  10. You r the best 👍👍👍👍👌👌

  11. veerendra sharma

    Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. It's a myth.

  12. bhavani bhushan

    Rice…???too much
    How come there r bf food

  13. I usually skip the breakfast every day . U saved me :)))

  14. Bhai kitne khane ke shokin h ??

  15. Kalyan Krishnan

    None of the receipe you have shown is healthy. How can you boast of showing healthy bf

  16. It's full of ghee = fat

  17. Narasimhan Kathirvel

    I like the way you are eating with hands

  18. Very nice breakfast recipes.cashew Upma my favourite 👌

  19. Is it ok to eat every time rice in the morning

  20. All except banana and milk option are south indian breakfasts we at home eat them daily

  21. All re sounth indian food… And I m pure begali girl…. I dont like it
    .. Sorry..

  22. None

  23. neha vishwakarma

    Hey I just subscribed your channel and found it very healthy tasty . Pls tell me how to have hot milk and banana all together

  24. Maybe something vegan.have a mercy on cows.

  25. Subscribing you mainly for the reason u ate with hands. So Indian thing.

  26. besan ki chilla

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