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  1. ‘gyoza’ is a Japanese word. call Chinese dumplings ‘jiaozi’, or just dumpling.

  2. 3:28 … Cornstarch slurry. Huh?

  3. Am I the only one who wants to know what 'cornstarch slurry' is? Slurry?

  4. Subhashini Govindan

    Actually a real vegetarian food of Chinese don't use garlic and onion on their food

  5. Egg???? I thought it was vegetarian dishes

  6. Inlove_ withpanic

    How is it vegetarian when they're using egg? 1:58 🤦🏻

  7. Eggs are meat

  8. Manikankana Saha

    Mouth watering

  9. Clashofclans Warheroes

    Is egg vegetarian??😞

  10. Holmes' Kookie

    To everybody who still don't understand :

  11. Angela Villanueva aguilar

    Apperantly milk is not vegan anymore

  12. U use egg here n call these recipes veg……

  13. really what to know the vegan version for rice noodle pancakes recipes bcs thats really look so damn good. i feel like i can eat that in my dream

  14. I’m glad that this is Veg

  15. They all looks very tasty and I am gonna to try in my home🙏

  16. Slow down the recipe mixing

  17. ವಿಶಾಲ ಕುಮಾರ

    Egg isn't vegetarian
    Being Hindu I cannot consume non-veg

  18. Garlic and onion are not vegetarian

  19. Replacement for rice vinegar??

  20. Who's here for lent

  21. Charlotte Coleman

    Not even vegetarian but it’s late at night and I don’t have any defrosted meat 😂😂😂

  22. Anusha Tripathi

    vegans don't eat eggs.How can you add eggs to a veg dish.😬

  23. Make new channel that name is tasty China

  24. Oh I came to know that vegetarian includes egg….

  25. chaitrali Karlekar

    Eggs are not veg

  26. Kratika Tripathi

    nice 👌

  27. dakshi saklecha

    And EGGS hmmm……


    best recipe

  29. abhishek sharma

    Egg isnt veg u fools

  30. who took my cookies

    1:55 it's a debate actually… If egg is vegetarian or not

    I love eggs so Idc, but my dad doesn't and that's a problem lol

  31. For momos (dumplings) what sheet did u use, can vote get it readymade in the market?? If yes what is it called? Please reply

  32. Hanna Williams

    What the hell is a cornstarch slurry

  33. who said eggs are vegetarian?

  34. The first one is called General Tso Califlower.

  35. Physiology Shark

    Can you do Russian foods? 🇷🇺

  36. Advice: Put Broccoli into boiling water for 30 secs and then cook/eat it. You'll love broccoli again!

  37. Well they said it's vegetarian…. Eggs are not plant based. Tell me if I am missing something here..??

  38. It's not vegetarian they add eggs in their fried rice

  39. Unicorn Dreams Slimes

    I am I the only one but I literally thought that the back music was kinda Creepy 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  40. Joseph Brinson

    Too much work. Too much sugar and soy sauce is not healthy.

  41. Fellow indians would say spicy seasame stuff is just gobi manchuria

  42. So egg is vegetarian???

  43. This is not vegetarian it contains eggs!

  44. Asian food number 1

  45. I am vegan here… Some dishes contain eggs..although..others were mouthwatering

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