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  1. Zarah Ponferrada

    Makes me hungry

  2. Wow ……😁😁

  3. Me : i have to eat more healthy food

    Me aften wathing tastys video : am i a joke to you ?

  4. Roses are red
    Apples are too
    The part you came to see
    Is right here for you!


  5. The Laughing Pikachu Satoshi Moshi

    I just noticed that the music in this video kind of sounds like dancing
    salsa music

  6. I can't find amounts specified for the 2-ingredient cake.

  7. It is not a 2 ingredient cake,because at the last he sprinkled powdered sugar on the cake,so it is a three ingredient cake 5:34

  8. Health & Household

    Nice video

  9. 2:25, the moment you realize that you made a pewdiepie cake on accident

  10. that two ingredient chocolate cake is just a chocolate frittata

  11. Fearless Knight

    I hope I don’t get diabetes after this…

  12. Please don’t like this comment

  13. 5:33:
    Cake: Just Two Ingredients
    Sugar: Am I A Joke To You?

  14. Ah..time to turn on the oven..or..I could just lick the tv screen for a bit, less calories and work 😜😂😂


    Hold my fork

  16. FastestMemeInTheWest

    Ugh they stole the 2 ingredient chocolate cake from twopotchef and the galaxy cake from rosana pasiano

  17. I like the rainbow whisk.

  18. Tasty: How much sugar should we put in these cakes?

    Me: Diabetes.

  19. The thumbnail to this is just food porn

  20. Now every vidoes i watch always makes me hungry because of the amazing and the good foods

  21. Omg. After keto . Hello to this. LOL . . I am doing compilations of Keto friendly desserts. Then I saw this. I should take a break LOL.

  22. Shadowphantom66

    What's with all the fasting comments? Lol there are so many 😂

  23. gugulethu kubeka

    Where's the chocolate cake in the thumbnail?

  24. I’m fasting so I’m having a rlly hard time watching this😋

  25. How much chocolate in the two ingredient chocolate cake? Pls help cuz I actually want to make this

  26. This is a tutorial for I don’t know or maybe to get diabetes

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