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3 Vegan Easy Lunch Ideas (No-Cook)


  1. Kishma Casimir

    I am in heaven. Don't know why it took so long to find your page, but boy am I happy I did. Your page is Life!!

  2. Lots of carbs!

  3. Did you make the spelt bread yourself?

  4. You are beautiful and the food looks delicious. Love all the way from Dominica! IREP#767. I'm trying to get started in my healthy journey and these are great to begin. I'm happy I found your video. Subscribed!

  5. For the French toast ,can you use an alternative flour?😊looks delicious!👌

  6. When's the ebook comming out?

  7. Am Soo happy I found your channel. Am starting to go vegan. But it was hard. Because I had every little to no clue about the meals to prepare. I love my food with flavor and spice… The foods you should are just that thank you.

  8. What's the name of the song playing in the background?

  9. The Glamorous Penny Pincher

    Thank you for sharing, what did you use to sweeten the porridge?…

  10. Nice video content. Work on the camera's focus, so we can enjoy that beautiful face and yummy food.

  11. I have question! Is the bread vegan or is actually bread you purchased in the store?

  12. Just stumbled on your channel 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇧🇧

  13. This makeup look is gorgeous!!!!

  14. Carrie Sullivan

    Too many carbs!!!!

  15. Congrats on 10K love! Love your channel! 😍

  16. i absolutely love coconut milk, i'm sure i be about to turn into a coconut myself. definitely trying that recipe.

  17. Have you tried adding lemon juice, sea salt, black pepper & garlic powder, chili pepper flakes, & dried parsley flakes to your avacado mash with some sliced roma tomatoes on top of your toast? Give it a try! It's the bomb!! 😊

  18. Love your channel!! Yes I'm a new subscriber! I'm trying lots of new recipes to up my Vegan game needed new ideas & balance my PH balance!

  19. Kenya Happy traveler

    Thanks for the ideas. I love fruit but I have grown a bit bored with my rice, avacodo toast and oatmeal breakfast meals.

  20. Clayton Charles


  21. antonette harvey

    rice and peas and chicken whoop whoop i use amazon girl

  22. Omg 😍😍😍😍😍can you adopt me please I'll wash dishes 🤗

  23. thumbs up just because it's you

  24. And they say Vegan foods are bland girlllll! Yasss

  25. Butterfly Speaks

    You are right on point with Alkaline. In addition alkaline foods help your body to maintain a level of ph which correspond with electrolytes in your body to help the food become the energy and healing source that food is meant to be. I am sooo happy to have discovered you.



  27. Ayanna Footman

    Omg. I was thinking about vegan French toast just last night. And here u are with a recipe. Look at God!!! Lol

  28. Ainsworth Austin

    Hay girl you so beautiful,will be my wife?

  29. katy-ann williams

    Girl yesss… not 10 any more but 13 yesss…. im here for ur growth love u n love being on the vegan journey…ps for us down in the caribbean girl just use Amazon.. maybe a little kitchen utensil or that spelt flour hmmm ideas girl 😙

  30. 🇯🇲 Ackee& Saltfish!. I'm requesting for you to make some gizzada and some drops using walnut. Also some rich pumpkin soup with all the goodness in it e.g dumplin banana etc the real alkaline way. I'm currently doing a 60 days raw food fast so your channel is really comforting right now. Keep up the good work xx

  31. radiantchristina

    congrats on all the subscribers. I recently had to go vegan for health reasons and I struggle with breakfast… i do like smoothies, but i'm more of a savory person than a sweet person, so I prefer a savory breakfast – this gave me some ideas..thanks.

  32. 🇯🇲 Ackee + Saltfish

  33. Where do I find his nutritional guide? I looked and I'm not sure if it's his or not. love your vids by the way ❤️❤️

  34. Charlee Savory

    Ah amazing recipes 😍 did you make the spelt bread yourself?😘

  35. Think I'll try the burritos. My taste runs towards the savory side. Thanks! Oh, and I have most everything on hand already, so this will be a simple fix.:)

  36. Delicious Vegan Breakfast Love It,Great Video💖

  37. The Vegan Jamaican

    Hi Guys! Drop your flag and your national dish down below 🙂 💜❤️

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