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  1. What Blender are you using?

  2. Mhmm, I love all the smoothies and the fact that I have none of the ingredients 😭

  3. You have do video low cost ones?

  4. Where have been??

  5. don't forget write the recipe below the box love the smoothies

  6. mmmmmmm lov it

  7. Hello I need your help I'm trying to make a smoothie without bananas at the moment and maybe with some tea

  8. Just found your channel 🙂 love your videos..you remind me of Anna Faris

  9. Emoretta Robinson

    I really liked the variety of the smoothies that were made! They all looked delicious and I didn't know you could get bone broth protein powder! I'm wondering if the smoothies could be prepared ahead of time and frozen though? But again they all looked delicious!

  10. I feel so healthy just watching the video 👌🏼💪🏼

  11. They have to come to CANADA ! If it's a matter of language barrier, tell them I am translator I will take care of the French 😀

  12. There can never be enough smoothie recipes! 🙂

  13. Definitely a must try… Thanks a lot

  14. Umm Inaam Nasoo

    Great recipes👍

    I am sure that mango lassi would taste amazing as it is, but technically speaking, lassi isn't lassi unless you add yogurt to it. Blueberry lassi, strawberry lassi and kiwi lassi all taste amazing but mango lassi is definitely something else😋

  15. Your smoothie videos are my favorite. I’ve tried almost all your previous recipes and they’re so good🤤. Your vids are what got me started eating healthy! Thank you!!

  16. I wouldn't call these EASY breakfast ideas.. every smoothie has at least one ingredient that I cannot get at the regular supermarket 🙁

  17. This has a lot of unique ingredients that I've never seen before.. & won't be able to get

  18. Watching this as I drink a smoothie from last years recipes for smoothies. These videos changed my life! I love this stuff thank you!!

  19. Can we make our own macadamia & flax milk?

  20. Been waiting for another smoothie video since forever

  21. "Tasty Twist" was my nickname in High School.

  22. Enrico Tortolano Tortolano

    Can you use normal milk

  23. Loubna Abedelkader



  25. MY SIS SAID HI !!!

  26. 1 dislike 🤨 why?

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