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  1. Can you make lemon macarons plss😁😁😁

  2. diy- organizacja


  3. sterre groenhuyzen

    How much freakin meat can you pile on one piece of bread

  4. Can you make Bangladeshi food please???

  5. More like 5 sandwiches people have already seen before on this channel 😄

  6. 2:50 most unhealthy looking thing ever😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Some. Really. Gross

  8. so the only veggie option here looks rank asf

  9. I highly recommend the chickpea salad it is sooo good and its awesome if you add dried cranberries

  10. That's a lot of faffing about for a sandwich… rather just go and buy sandwiches from a shop XD

  11. Im eating a sandwich now

  12. Lmao yeah, you definitely be tasting that mustard on the first sandwich …

  13. claudiaaa Irribarra

    No wonder why obesity hits gringos 😅

  14. Chekov Чеков

    At the moment all the food i have in my house is:
    – half a piece of bread
    – vegemite
    – pasta sauce
    – barbecue sauce
    – a couple apples
    – powdered milk
    – soup packets
    – 3 bags of flower
    – about half a cup of caster sugar
    – gelatine and baking soda
    – coffee pods
    – microwave rice
    – golden syrup
    – custard powder
    – oats
    – an endless suply of canned corn
    – and a jar of butter pickle slices

  15. Ohhhh yeaaa Daddy

  16. could you please make more low calorie recipes for weight loss and etc?

  17. MOVgamer79,2 Aka,KING

    Can you make a cake about overwatch

  18. I'm guesiing that Tasty has ran out of ideas….

    I mean ' how to make a sandwich ' 😂

  19. samo kalorije

  20. uh, no. way too much work to take with you and they almost all wont be the same not fresh, and warm. the chickpea one looks dry and gross

  21. well I was wondering what is the calorie count of the 4 at a time one

  22. Erm… Hi… Hello 🙋🏾 Would you by any chance have any job openings for the the job of taking a bite out of the food once its cooked? If so please get back to me.
    Many thanks.

  23. None of those are healthy so what's the pint to make effort doing them yourself apart from saving money?

  24. I love sandwiches but all of them look gross…

  25. I love Sugar Gliders


  26. This video makes me hungry..

  27. Not everybody has those exact items for the recipe's.

  28. Im not going to spend my whole day making a sandvich. Same goes for your other recipe's. Make them more simple and faster

  29. Gaylord Testicles

    I would've done this if i didn't skip breakfast so often..

  30. Can you do bagels next

  31. Insert text here

    0:46 BONELESS

  32. 5 Sandwiches you should not eat at work since it will be all over your face and dribble on your outfit.

  33. yummy

  34. Gonna try all of them….none of them look healthy!

  35. make a vegan version

  36. You guys have great recipes but try to make them more realistic. You use so much ham for one sandwich which would have lasted me one week. And please cut down on the cheese. Otherwise they seem like great sandwich ideas.

  37. The four sandwich ring was a no from me.

  38. 3 pickled on the whole sandwich??

  39. Who ever you are, could you please help me get to 150 subscribers? 😊🙏

  40. Carolin Kästner

    Love the chickpea sandwich 🥪👍🏻

  41. Puts 2 pound mayo 2 pound cheese and 2 pound meat and then puts 2 slices of tomato so it can suddenly turn healthy 😂😂😂

  42. اdelicious 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  43. Probably tasty. But these are the most inconvenient packed lunch sandwiches. Who has time to fry chicken before work?

  44. Ain't nobody got time for that! I'm just going to stick with my jelly bread…

  45. ❤️

  46. Each sandwich has a crazy amount of fillings!
    How much money do you think people have to spend?

  47. Can you make Indian style sandwiches ?………😋

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