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  1. I'm definitely going shopping soon for these I just got on a vegan diet because I eat alot of meat and I thinks its unhealthy for me to eat so much!

  2. Angelique Westerfield

    soba noodles sin tofu and arugula salad with pita bread

  3. Great video! Gave me lots of ideas. The soba noodle recipe is similar to one of our go-to recipes at home. We add miso dressing, when we have it, or mae ploy.

  4. I want to try all of them… Yum, yum!!!

  5. Im fairly new to the plant based life and needed this big-time! Ty!

  6. Kolorful Kalmele

    OK, first, you're gorgeous! Second, these meals look delicious! I may just have to become a vegan 🙂 Thanks for sharing! New subbie here! Lets support each other!

  7. Everything you make looks really good!

  8. MaverickTheBeast

    IT HAS GARBANZO BEANS!!! Spongebob:wake up wake up…. me:what do u want? Spongebob:ur ugly me:and u look like a brunt garbanzo bean

  9. Brenda Benoît Dudley

    Being a vegan is the farthest thing on my mind, I am such a carnivore, but by watching your channel I have learnt a lot and may consider going vegan once or twice a week. That's a start, yes? Your recipes are easy and doable and look delicious. You are quite an inspiration!

  10. Those arms! Damn, girl!

  11. I need more very fast easy meals

  12. The first one is my favorite. I will be trying soon. But like you mentioned, I’ll make my own quac. Thanks!

  13. yummy

  14. No se hablar inglés deberías traducir al español

  15. 28 people dislike frozen veggies

  16. Yummy 😋 these all look so beautiful and delicious!!

  17. How do you make cooking look so easy? I stress every day, 3 times a day over what to eat!

  18. "Broken At Love" by USC Grad/Actress Karolina Sivas

    Any digestion tips for all the beans? Thx

  19. This was such a great video! We loved it so much that we have shared this video and given you a shout out on our website http://www.veganflix.com/
    Keep up the great work!

  20. I saw you in @Rawvana YouTube channel and I checked your channel and I love your easy delicious recipes.

  21. Ariella Schlossberg

    Your channel is amazing! I just discovered it and I can't wait to make all these recipes. I just started a specific nutritionally based diet and everything you're cooking fits perfectly into the meals I can have. Stay wonderful 😊

  22. You are so cute using Brazilian songs 😀 love your channel!
    Kisses from Brazil!

  23. YUMMMM!!! Thank you for sharing!

  24. Thank you SOOOO MUCH FOR THESE IDEAS !!!!!!

  25. Ugh. I tried. Cant.

  26. Mellonee Edgeston

    Everything looked delicious 😋

  27. I tried the salad with pita bread. It was very simple and tasted amazing!

  28. I love this channel 😍

  29. Jenne, you moved from NYC to Los Angeles?? Wow!! I am addicted to your videos they're so uplifting and always gives a positive vibe. Don't stop making videos!

  30. what happened to your blog? I tried to get to the recipe but the website won't work 🙁

  31. Finding your channel is making me enjoy the transition to vegan a lot easier. Are there some staple appliances or kitchen gadgets that make life in the kitchen easier? Thank you for the videos!

  32. Hi, I am from Brazil (love the songs in Portuguese, btw), and I am turning vegan and I just LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your chanel, your vibe, your sweet voice, spirit, well, and your meals, of course! Man, you are sooo amazing!!!! Keep doing this, we need you haha xOxO :*

  33. Oh my goodness! I just found you! Where have I been?? lol
    You are so inspiring and beautiful! Loved this video. Subscribed!!!!!

  34. I like the Greek style one

  35. The soba noodles recipes is the best. Do you recommend something other than tofu?

  36. The Vegan Trainer

    Ahhhh yes!! Good stuff! 😍 I'll be adding these to my meal rotation

  37. Stephanie French

    Yes!! These are the kind of recipes I need, thank you!!

  38. I love this! Amazing! Do you rinse your arugula? When I rinse my arugula it has a different texture and is very wet and not dry.

  39. The Indian Warrior

    Your videos are amazing, you make being vegan so easy. Thank you.

  40. Please can u do a vid on vegan healthy options for junk food like sweet potato fries and more things like that

  41. Can you make like a basic grocery haul of what you consider essentials? like things you buy often at the store. I wanna start transitioning but idk really know what to buy at the store. I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed.

  42. Awesome, quick👀 ~ yummy recipes!!😍 tfs💕💕💕💕💕

  43. Can you please do a video for college students that are trying to be vegan on a budget ??? I could seriously use some help 😂😂😂 Love your videos btw !❤️❤️

  44. Any other ideas instead of tofu? Don't like it, doesn't sit well with my system either 😣

  45. love these!  Thanks for the great ideas!

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