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  1. Holy crap that is quick

  2. Em Ross Navarro

    Are you using water to cook the dough or oil?

  3. Kassim Khan Khan

    Thanks for bestowing me with such a great keto pizza.
    You are indeed very cleaver and talented. Thanks again

  4. Indeed , very clever. Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Gonna try this

  6. Where’s the pepperoni?

  7. Made this today. Crust does taste lot like omlet but with toppings, sauce, cheese and other garnishings it tastes pretty much like pizza. If you don't like eggy taste you can try to make a stronger sauce and make a thinner crust

  8. Mind Over Batter

    Won't that cause diarrhea? Psyllium husk is used to help you poop, right? Lol… Please tell me if I am wrong. Does look delicious!

  9. Megha Varshini

    It came out like heaven and tastes like paradise 😋😋😋

  10. I suck at cooking, but this was easy to make. Good also. Psyllium Husk Powder is a nice touch to the recipe/.

  11. I dont have spyllium but using 2 pieces of low carb tortillas glued togather with cheese as a base was amazing. I found it in another vedio

  12. Omg best idea ever. I always want keto pizza but don't feel like going through the process

  13. Excellent

  14. Thanks for the recipe. Can I replace the psyllium husk powder by flax meal?

  15. Does the entire pizza have 459 cal or a slice of it?

  16. Isn't basically an omelette? 🙁

  17. fernando Fernadez

    Thank you, i love it!!

  18. What can I put instead of eggs to make the Psyllium Husk stick? Would water do? lol

  19. ًSome youtuber

    it didn't hold like a normal crust and crumbled in the pan, more of a scrambled egg than a pizza crust!!

  20. Excellent quick dinner.
    Must add crispy bacon pieces and caramelised onion with olives.

  21. Almond flour costs 35$ in my country😂 comment down your country's prices

  22. Simplest keto pizza crust ever imo.

  23. genius genius genius

  24. ReginaPhalange2020 ForPresidentofUSA

    Love this! Step by step on the video and on your website with pictures! Thanks. ✌🏼

  25. What?! Holy shit!! That looks good damn good

  26. Where’s the meat?

  27. Bettye's Cooking Channel

    Keto Pizza looks yummy.

  28. Can you add pepperoni or bacon to it?

  29. Soo Hyun Jingyi

    Can I use cheddar instead?

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