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  1. the last recipe would be cool with brezels

  2. Finally, nice cream.

  3. Оранжевый Абрикос

    God, how long have I wanted ice cream! Thank you!!!!

  4. 😋😋😋

  5. Hello, awesome video, whi knows the brand of the blender she is using. Looks like it works great

  6. shermeen Khursigara

    They look absolutely delicious. If I may ask what brand of food processor do you use.

  7. Yaaaaas you cooking goddess!!

  8. What about a vegan recipe without bananas? 🤔😋

  9. Thank You so much for the “Salted Caramel Ice Cream” recipe! I ❤️anything and everything involving Salted Caramel.

  10. Hello wau bellissimo.

  11. Sayantani Dasgupta

    Gud job.. 😋😝😜.. feeling hungry

  12. love vegan alternative!! so much choices!

  13. StrawberryMakeupBag

    oh boy, that mint cookies and cream variation looks AMAZING!

  14. OMG AMAZING 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Oh wow they look good again thanks!!!

  16. I likes its .. 😍😋 ICE CREAM VERY THANK YOU .. watching to The domestic geek .. So special and simple .. MAKING.. Everything.. Wow..

  17. Can you do some keto diet recipes?

  18. Now I have to figure out how to hide bananas in my house, so that they don't all get eaten the day i bring them home!!!

  19. Anggi Oktaviani

    How much calorie is the chunky monkey and mint cookies and cream ice cream?

  20. can you use a blender if you do not have a food processor.😏

  21. Thanks ! I was asking for that in the comment section of a previous video ☺ You're the best !

  22. Are you in your kitchen?

  23. coffee flavor next!

  24. I hate bananas. What could I sub???

  25. Aleksandra Knapik

    I love you! This is amazing! ❤️😘

  26. You bet I’ll be trying all of these also! yes more dairy free!! ☺️☺️ absolutely love your channel you are killing the ice cream game!!

  27. One day I'm really going to try ur receipts

  28. oh man i don’t think you know how FAST i clicked on this video as soon as i saw vegan in the title! please do more! these look SO AMAZING!

  29. Sara, could you do an episode with orange cream flavors? I LOVE creamscicles! Do you think other citrus would work too? Don't know if I'd try a grapefruit cream, but maybe lemon or tangerine?

  30. Oh, yay!! I love nice cream! For anyone wondering, I am NOT vegan or even vegetarian–if you like bananas you'll like nice cream. The consistency of blended, frozen banana is smooth, silky and super creamy. Truthfully, just the bananas alone is delicious. I've found mango blends in much the same way, it's almost fluffy, lol🙂 it melts super fast but is so worth it, some times I'll add a little Greek yogurt but any milk will do. If you're on the fence, try it, bananas are cheap and if your diet is restricted, it really does tick all the ice cream boxes and you can have a generous helping. I've even blended the bananas in the morning and poured cereal, granola, fruit or all three on top!

  31. Girl.. you are my savior!😍 This Vegan girl is PMS-ING 😩 and I NEED these… 😛

  32. Why are you so amazing ?!

  33. Can you make these recipes with a blender instead of a food processor? I would love to give them a try, but I do not have a food processor.

  34. Thank you for making vegan versions of your cooking 💚🌈

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