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  1. Thanks for all of your nice Turkish recipes on your channel.

    For the subject of aluminium foil use on food, it is safe to be used on cool food only otherwise aluminium will mix into food and will therefore be transferred to the body. It is said that once inside the body, it is very hard to take aluminium out of it. It is also said that aluminium tends to be deposited in the brain and then contributes to mintal problems, alzheimer's disease in particular.

    So, it is better to use 18/10 stainless steel cookware with lids on the way you did in one of your recipes.

  2. phyllis manford

    I visited Turkey in 2015. I enjoyed all the food in restaurants or family houses. Thank you for showing us how to make some delicious dishes. Your voice is so pleasant to listen to and your English is excellent. Many thanks, Phyllis

  3. Start whit some starters of 🦐 on bread whit lemon (small bread slice)
    Then for main dish some grild biff and chiken whit carots and brokoli in own ,
    For desert homemade vanilla icecream whit brownies

  4. Hi Aysenur, Renu here….all the way from NZ. The dessert that you made is similar to one dessert that we Indian make.It's called 'Shira' or 'Rava Keasri' 'Rava' means semolina and 'Kesari' means safron. It's made as an offering to God to in our Temles – our places of worship. We cook the dry roasted semolina – the slightly coarse variety in boiling water to which sugar is added And there's no baking involved. We do'n use yogurt or milk. Most of our Indian cooking is done on stove top. We add dry fruits roasted in ghee and some people in South India also add pineapple pieces, or banana cubes to this dessert. I like adding fresh or dessicated coconut shreds also. And all lentils are a staple in Indian meals. And I do know the yellow lentils that you used. It's used daily to make dals. dal curries, even for some rice and dal pulao and Khichdi. But I will try to make pulao or pilaf as you would call it in your way.I will also try to bake my dessert once to see how it turn out. I would really like to try and bake this particular dessert that you showed. Thanks for all your yummy recipes. And your cooking style is very nice too. Simple, brief and to the point. Thanks for sharing Turkish recipes Aysenur. Good wishes to you and your family during the holy month of Ramzaan.

  5. Merhaba aysenur, nasılsıniz. Hindistandan selamvar 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  6. Im so glad that i find your channel thank you so much and thankx for the English translation 👌👌

  7. Love, love ,love the videos. Do you do Turkish T.V. ? If not you should. I adore the narration. You would be great as a T.V. Host.

  8. nor suzana Khamaruddin

    In one hour..I just cook spaghetti aglio olio🦐🦐🦐😁..hi..hi

  9. Very great,, You are amazing cook, I like you,,, From:Pakistan.

  10. Caroline Terzaghi

    Thank you! Lovely video and delicious food! But no spices?

  11. nor suzana Khamaruddin


  12. In one hour I would make jeera(cumin) puloa, chicken gravy, boiled egg, salad in yoghurt and kesari (sweet semolina dish)

  13. Salam aleykum I was Try your potato knefe masaaallah it wad good jazakh allah kheir we need more englisch recipe 🙏 thanks

  14. Awesome recipes and cooking skill. In one hour i would make rice/pelaow in rice cooker, chickpea soup in pressure cooker, salad like you made, fish fry and okra fry with tomatoes. For dessert i would make rice pudding in the oven.

  15. In 1 hour I would only panic as I have just started to learn to cook 😅

  16. Another wonderful video with delicious recipes. I like that your recipes could be made vegetarian if needed. In an hour I would make Jeera rice( rice flavoured with cumin), Dal tadka (mixed lentils with spices and ghee tempering) Vermicelli kheer ( vermicelli cooked with milk and saffron), Caulliflower and potato stir fry, Parathas (whole wheat flatbread) and Raita (yogurt with shredded cucumbers)

  17. You are helping me a lot with iftar ideas. May Allah reward you! 😘

  18. frankly in my reality in an hour i only can decide one dish which i will cook in 2,3 hours😜U R AmazinG sis😍

  19. yum yum!

  20. Namaskar from India & Congratulations on ur achievement..!!
    I would have made pilaf , n kebabs with veggies if I had to cook in an hour!
    As I don't have a sweet tooth, I would opt out desserts in such less time.

    Also, we have yellow lentils here.. we have it almost everyday with plain rice n chapati.

  21. In one hour I would make chicken haleem(thick soup made with broken wheat)…. Onions and potato fritters……. Fruits salad with cream…….. Spicy potatoes with lots of lemons……. I think I can make them in one hour…..

  22. سلام علیکم عائشہ نور بہن💕
    Very delicious 😋😋
    i like desert 😘

  23. Yummy

  24. Disney princess

    Love u .. I m sana .. I m from Bangladesh… Turkeys dish r so yamme… And Ramadan Mubarak..

  25. Turkish kitchen and Egyptian kitchen really have a lot of similarities. ❤❤❤
    More than what I have ever thought,for example your dessert has other name in Egypt which is "basbosa" but they're same and the rice it is almost everything

  26. I love your channel and your recipes. I'm always watching your videos with a lot of interest. I know about semolina, as in Romania is used for deserts, too. Also, we are using cornmeal for our polenta, that is called "mamaliga".

  27. Wish I was in Turkey 😊 Love your dishes ❤

  28. You are awesome 😍

  29. Awesome 👍👍

  30. Amazing dishes…I wish there was more Turkish food available in the U S..

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