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  1. Can you give me the link or name of that gadget you used to shred the chicken please?🤔 Much appreciated. ☺

  2. 철이네밥상 Cheol`s Dining Table

    0:18 wow it already so cool…

  3. Good luck with the move!

  4. A Girl Being Frugal

    Looks amazing. I love your recipes. I looked through your cookbooks on Amazon and your website, but can't seem to find a cookbook devoted to your Instant Pot recipes. Is there one? I bought an Instant Pot on Black Friday and have to confess that it's still in the box. However, your recipes have been making me want to break open the box. So glad I found your channel!

  5. HappyBird's Glitter Nest

    That's wonderful news! I'm moving this Summer too. :o) BTW, I add Chicken, a jar of mild salsa and 1 Pkg. of Lawry's taco seasoning. Just let it cook and you have another great taco filling.

  6. Praying that your move goes great! The tacos look awesome!

  7. Denise Fox - Bernotas

    good luck on your move to Utah

  8. Good luck with the move

  9. Good luck with the move, hope all goes well
    In your new home 😊 Congratulations to your hubby 👍

  10. You're going to love northern Utah. So close to Idaho mountains. Go a little further and you're in Montana, YEAH!

  11. Tip: I take my chicken out and use a hand mixer to shredded it.

  12. I have to ask. Do you have any brothers that enjoy your cooking? I know you hubby is the health eating mogul, “honey I’ll grab something on the way to work” so has he complained?

  13. Congrats to your husband on his accomplishments – and to you as well! Good luck with the move. Hope you will like the new location. Should be nice for the kiddos. Don't stress about making videos – we'll just have to use some of your other recipes if you don't have time.

  14. First of all, congratulations to your husband! Good luck with your move. Such a busy time of life. Thanks for the simple recipe!

  15. Ader Family Homeschoolers

    You have a lot going on! Tacos will make it easier! 🌮🌮🌮🌮☑️☑️☑️☑️

  16. Congratulations. All the best. I love your recipes as they are tasty and some are so easy.

  17. Thanks for the Dump and Go meals! They are very helpful! Your on screen personality and presentation style is so enjoyable. Best wishes on the job and the upcoming move! I am a Utah native and just moved back after some wonderful years in Upstate NY. I missed the mountains and love being back in this beautiful state.

  18. For my chicken tacos I like to use chicken, block of cream cheese and a jar of salsa. Easy Peezy. Congratulations to your hubby!

  19. I'm curios I have large container of taco seasoning if you were to substitute for this receipt how much taco seasoning would you use. I really like watching your video's. I just need to try them myself,
    I've held off using the pressure cooker I have a Go Wise 6qt. This taco video has inspired me.

  20. Cleveland Cyottee

    Your volume dropped again during the recipe part. You said you have six sisters wouldn't that make a total of Seven Sisters.

  21. Patti DelMercado

    You're so lucky to be leaving California. Best wishes on your move.

  22. Catherine's Plates

    Perfect for my frozen chicken. So easy. 😊

  23. CONGRATULATIONS!! May need warmer clothes!! Heard it is Beautiful area! Take care of yourself!! See ya from Utah!!😊

  24. I totally just made this tonight because I was struggling with dinner ideas, and it's a family hit. So easy! Thank you!!

  25. Oh congrats!! We’re 10 minutes outside of sac and i bet you won’t be missing our triple digit days like today!

  26. I am new to the Instant Pot. Where do I go to be able to print out the recipes and find some from the past..

  27. What would happen if you cooked the chicken on a stand and remove the water before you shred (and mixed in the seasonings)? Seemed pretty watery when you were shredding it.

  28. Love Tacos!

  29. I have always had friends do crockpot shredded chicken (for tacos or nachos or whatever) that used the frozen chicken, a jar of salsa, cream cheese, annnnndddd… I think I’m missing something. I wonder if that would work in the IP?

  30. Wow, I think you move more than most military families! 😀 Love the recipes. Good luck with your move!

  31. I moved from CA to northern Utah last year and I love it here congrats

  32. We'll see you when you exit the dark side of your IP in Utah. I would be super excited to be leaving CA.

  33. Oh Girl, Takes some time off moving is a process for sure ! Thank you so much for these hands on tutorials . I really have to see how it's done , and the process. It's just the way my Brain works 😂😂. Congrats to your family ! Thank you , you Rock 🤘

  34. Little Bit of Calm & Crazy

    Yes, more dump and go! Any thing that doesn’t feel like I am cooking! 😂

  35. I give you credit for packing up your house again and moving across country. I don’t know how you do it. I have moved 19 times in my life, but I was in the same state. Are you going to do another house tour? Your last house was beautiful!

  36. Hi Kristen, This recipe looks great and I love the fact their is no salt for us sodium watchers. Will make this. Congrats to your hubby, his schooling and hard work has paid off. Sorry you have to move again, best of luck with that, very challenging to move like that. And if you should miss a video or two, you are definitely entitled. Take care and thanks for this recipe. Many hugs. Claudia

  37. I would much rather watch a video then try to read a recipe 🙂 congratulations on your new adventure 🙂

  38. Doodie Hutchison

    So excited for you. We went through the same thing in the 70s, and when it was all over, it was such a relief!

  39. Lov e your cooking Thanks for the help…..😍😍😍


  41. Hi..BeAutiful..sister.mama⚘

  42. Congratulations to hubby on job! Hope move goes smoothly for you. Will make these tacos soon-Thank you for sharing.

  43. Good luck moving!!!!

  44. Now I know what to do with frozen chicken that's in my freezer right now. Thank you!

  45. Wow northern Utah!😱 Safe travels to you & your family! 🚚💨💨
    Oh yummy yummy, for the quick chicken tacos!🌮🌮🌮💛. Tfs #Happymonday

  46. Very nice video.wish I can own this pot one day.

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