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  1. Wow 👌 so yummy egg Recipes

  2. Hilda Elizabeth PintoLobo

    Hello. Very good. Artistic way. I like it. Thank you.

  3. Very nice egg racipi 😋😋👍👍👌👌👌

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  5. Wow mam thts really too good …but if u had used wheat floor tho aur b aacha lagtha.Maida is not good for health.

  6. Itna oili

  7. meraline selvaraj

    I am not a big fan of eggs but these recipes are really worth trying 👍

  8. Nima cooking skills are sooooo good

  9. Please share the tool name which one u are using for making vedio

  10. Senthilkumar Michael

    அற்புதம் 👏🏼 காலை உணவுக்கு நான்கு வகையான 🍞🥔🥪🥚🍳தயார் செய்து காட்டியது மிக அழகு 😊😊.. Wow That’s great .. Thanks for teaching us yummy 😋 four types breakfast items.. it’s easy and filling too .. 👌👍🏻😊

  11. Very good adia egg .racpi .

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    Zabardast Wah

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  15. vaishali bangera

    Very good
    Looks tasty

  16. Wow nice recipes. Thank u 😊

  17. Thank you mam

  18. tasty and healthy😛😛

  19. Very nice recipes 👍👍👍

  20. Superrr madam very nice mouth watering

  21. Mouth watering

  22. looking yummmmmmmy👍👌👌👌😊

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    Very nice sister

  24. So yummy and delicious recipe

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    Nice video Have a beautiful day!

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  27. Wow. Mast.😋😘

  28. Nice one

  29. Thanks for sharing.looks delicious

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    So yummy and thanks for sharing this great recipe !

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