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  1. Why do you put the pan cover on the pan when you're cooking rice/quinoa? (idk how its called, english is my second language)

    is it to cook faster? because I used to do that, and always forgot and it would boil and spill and make a mess and my mom would have to tell me every time to not cover the pan, and now I cook rice without it and it cooks just as fast and doesn't make a mess.

    also, I find so interesting how in other countries you don't cook your rice with some garlic and salt in it, I tried eating unsalted rice a couple times and I just can't do it, is just much better the way we eat in my country. I guess is just a matter of being used to it.

    and btw, I'm a 19yo carni and I love this meal preps vids, especially the vegan ones to learn bc I don't really cook, but I wanna learn it, and I'm trying to lose weight and eat more vegetables, so its a incentive and I'm watching your videos and I'm really loving it. I don't really intent to become vegan, but I wanna at least put more vegan and healthy means on my plate

  2. Great video guys, thanks for this.. Meal prep look out 🙂

  3. The People's Republic of Veganism

    That’s not only $30.

  4. what temp did you put the potatoes on?

  5. You guys dont eat meat anymore? I loved your older meal preps

  6. I've loved all of broccoli since I was a kid too! Even the "stalky stalk" part. lol

  7. The first time I meal prepped about a year ago I did each meal separate. Oh my goodness took me like 8 hrs. Thankfully I have completely streamlined my process. I use a little $1 store dry erase board and list all things to cook. So much easier

  8. Don’t bother peeling your carrots! They taste better with the skin on and you get some extra fiber!!!! 😊😊😊😊

  9. All that hard effort only to plop piping hot food onto an endocrine disrupting container @13:27, lol. It may say BPA free, but it will still increase your estrogen levels.

  10. What's amino?

  11. Can you make a 5-7min version of This? My attention span doesnt last this long haha. Thanks 😉

  12. You’re supposed to brush off mushrooms not rinse them, water makes them soggy yuck

  13. That's a nice kitchen

  14. I’m going to meal prep the mushroom meal and stir fry this week.

  15. What’s the name of the sauce he used for the veggies stir fry dishes?

  16. jane of many trades

    Just a tip that I learned when taking care of dogs; your dog has a food allergy when their eyes weep and it stains their white fur. Try changing to a grain free dog food or human food all together. I did cross reference that info with my vet for my service dog. Great thing you did adopting a dog. Keep that in mind about the food allergy.

  17. Rose Madison Jenkins

    Love it !!!!

  18. Thank you both so much for sharing plant based meal prep! You guys are the best!

  19. I just don’t see any flavor or anything enticing to eat here. Looks like punishment recipes. 🙁

  20. Clearly I overthink things. And overpay for my food lol. This all looks so delicious & easy!

  21. That's why restaurants give u dishes like that too to get rid of old vegetables or seafood bowl to get rid of leftovers

  22. You have the most ambiguous accent I ever heard. It intrigued me to subscribe.

  23. Isn't it not advised to stir fry with Olive oil?

  24. Thanks for the awesome video! Are these recipes available in the usual written format anywhere for us left-brainers?

  25. These look amazing. Those mushrooms were gorgeous! I've never had Quinoa or tofu but you made it look soooooooooo good. I am 50 and going vegan. I am a new fan! 😀

  26. I use veggie stock when i do my quinoa…sooooo good! Going to try stir fry veggies with the amino acids… that looks/sounds really good!

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