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  1. the second one definitely NOT a sandwich…………….!

  2. vegan bacon video please

  3. Good video. Bread Sandwich making in 5mins video found in the link https://youtu.be/Jhg8jmZUWtY

  4. I has a tofu and mix seed loaded wheat bread. It's so good!

  5. That veggie sandwich is humogo! Looks good though!

  6. Looking yummy

  7. Just made the chickpeas salad! I had faith that it would taste good and doubled the recipe minus capers and radishes and added mustard and relish. It is so good!!! Thanks for making my lunch awesome this week.

  8. anyone pls tell me how to eat such a big sandwich in bites😅 but never the less they look amazing♡

  9. I love/loved tuna and egg salad sandwiches but since I'm transitioning I definitely want to try that first one!

  10. Would love to see the vegan bacon recipe!

  11. i miss your bento lunch videos..that is how i originally found your channel…nice to see a lunch idea video. 🙂

  12. just for one sandwich?????? no thank you ill stay non vegan

  13. Yaas quick and straight to the piont

  14. Please make the Vegan Bacon.

  15. Vegan bacon recipe please.

  16. Vegans should die

  17. Your accent is relaxing 🙂

  18. Mandy-Lou Dumesny-Blahut

    Now I'm starving. These look divine. Nom nom

  19. is there any substitute for mayo?

  20. Mmmm!!

  21. yes, the vegan bacon from mushroom recipe would be awesome!

  22. yummy thankyou!

  23. the second one is so weird

  24. the commercial right before this was for laughing cow cheese ha. ha. ha. 😑

  25. Jonatan Sköld Rhodin

    Awesome, great job!

  26. The 2nd sandwich looks horrible. I'm sorry but you need to marinade or do something besides cut up veggies and stack them high on healthy bread. They won't stick n stay if you keep putting this out.

  27. Hi which breads do you use please.

  28. can you make something that fits ones mouth ?

  29. vegan bacon please!

  30. Hoping you make a vegan bacon video one of these days 😊

  31. Another request for a mushroom bacon!

  32. Omg we want vegan bacon pleaaase 😭😭❤️

  33. how long do these last in the fridge? i would like to make this as a meal prep

  34. please to a vegan bacon recipe!

  35. Vegan bacon recipe, please. Thanks.

  36. Mmm Delicious! Will definitely make…thank u my heart! ♡

  37. Yes to the vegan bacon recipe!

  38. Of course we want to see a vegan bacon recipe!

  39. Bjr, un dèlice🙏🏻

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